Do you have “Rich People Problems?! CASTING IN ATLANTA

This is a show where we try to settle disputes for the upscale crowd.

A prominent cable network is seeking high-end folks who have a CONFLICT and are trying to get it RESOLVED!

Did your teenage son just take your neighbor’s Ferrari for a joyride – and bring it back with a two-foot scratch? Did someone ruin a piece of artwork of yours? Did the caterer at your wedding make all your guests sick? Did your dog groomer do a hatchet job on your award-winning pooch? Do you have a dispute with someone that you need settled?

No case is too outrageous or scandalous. Email today if you or someone you know has a Rich Person Problem they need settled!


1. Name & Location

2. Phone, E-mail, Facebook / Twitter link

3. Recent photo (s)

4. Describe your case

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