You deserve your own TV show…don’t you?

The producers of “Hollywood Exes” and “Real Housewives of New York”) is launching a casting call.

Shed Media is seeking charismatic, affluent Atlanta women who enjoy a high-end lifestyle while juggling a business, a family or a relationship for a new BET series.

In a city with lavish country clubs and exclusive events…do you or your friends stand out in a crowd? We’re looking for the “ladies who lunch” who enjoy a high-end lifestyle while juggling a business, a family or a relationship?

We want to film you for a BET television docu-series if: -You are a member of Atlanta’s society scene and you or a family member belongs to a country club. -You regularly attend luxurious, high profile events. -You or your family owns a super successful business. -You are prominent in your field of expertise: law, medicine, real estate, etc.

Even if you don’t make the big money, but you surround yourself with people who do…we want to talk to you! We need outgoing personalities and fascinating stories. Married, single, engaged, divorced…all are encouraged to apply.

To submit yourself or someone you know in the Atlanta area only…please send the following information to ASAP:
-Phone number
-Email address
-City, State (Atlanta and surrounding areas only)
-Brief paragraph about yourself
-3 to 4 recent, clear photos of you (include a head shot and a head-to-toe shot)

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