CASTING! New Travel Channel Show for COUPLES!

Would you allow another couple to stay in your home for a week while you stay in theirs? Drive your car? Take care of your pets? Hang out with your friends? Live your life?

New television series seeks energetic and adventurous couples, 25-45 for the opportunity to spend a week living in another city, in another’s shoes, having the time of their lives! Miami, San Francisco, Texas, New Orleans etc. All cities encouraged to apply!

Please send a brief description of you and your life to and please include the following:

Name, age, occupation and contact information

Photos of you and of home, condo etc. Do you Own? Rent?

What you like to do for fun in your town and any interesting hobbies or pastimes.

Tell us some of your favorite things about your town. What is it known for? It’s beaches? Farmland? What makes it unique?

Pay and travel expenses covered. Travel dates March 25th-31st. Bon Voyage, we look forward to hearing from you!

Alex Shaw

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