We want to help you meet someone you might click with, and we want to document what happens.

You would never go on TV to find love. But maybe you should consider it! We are specifically looking for smart, successful women who feel they are in a place in their lives where they are ready to find love and our series will document their journey.

The new documentary-style series, is about finding love; it’s about meeting amazing people who could be a good fit for you; it’s about having a blast; it’s about making a connection. It’s not about fancy dates and roses. It is not about “TV.” It’s about a journey – and sometimes the journey to find love can be as fun as whether or not you find it.

If any of the following is true for you, you should contact us:

  • You are single right now
  • You’re ready to find someone to share your life with
  • You generally don’t think it’s a good idea to go on a “reality” show
  • You are in your 20s – 30s
  • Maybe your work life is great, you pretty much have it together (or maybe not); but something is definitely missing
  • You might have a child or children already; or you might want to start a family soon; or maybe you don’t want children at all
  • Maybe you could see getting married soon, or maybe you don’t believe in marriage
  • You might be divorced

All the above could be true – or not – but for sure you are a catch and you want to meet a phenomenal person

The series is unique because it’s kind-spirited, NON-competitive, and cooperative. There are no roses or promises of a fairy tale ending where you get proposed to and ride off into the sunset with your future husband. Rather, it’s a documentary style show following 3 single, successful, and selective women on their journey to find true love.

About Magical Elves Production
We are a TV production company called Magical Elves. We’ve won an Emmy for our series Top Chef. We produced Project Greenlight (HBO), the original five seasons of Project Runway (winning the only Peabody Award ever given to a reality TV show) and documentary films including Justin Bieber’s “Never Say Never” and “Air Guitar Nation.” This show will be on CBS.

For more information and to apply, please visit us at


They are looking for women all over, but SPECIFICALLY IN THE SOUTH!!! The network would love a Southern gal.

Carla Mitchell
Casting Associate
Magical Elves Productions
323.460.4030 ext. 595

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