Meet The 7 Stars of Bravo TV’s Silicon Valley

Randi Zuckerberg, yes, Mark’s sister, will be the producer. No, she won’t actually be in the show.

Among the list of upcoming series in development that the cable network announced yesterday, “Silicon Valley.” The reality series targeted at the tech-savvy crowd. The Bravo show is the brainchild of Web entrepreneur Randi Zuckerberg, of the Facebook Zuckerbergs. (She’s CEO/co-founder Mark’s older sister and the company’s former marketing director.)

Randi told NBC Bay Area, “I’m a strong believer in innovation and entrepreneurship and hope that through this series other people will be inspired to build the next break out companies and technologies.”) And like all Bravo shows, Silicon Valley promises to feature a cast of characters that are dynamic, wealthy, unapologetic, insufferable and, with varying degrees of success, camera-ready.

The series will follow a handful of “young professionals” trying to make it big in the tech-heavy part of the San Francisco Bay area. Expect plenty of drama and over-the-top action — as one cast member notes in the “Valley” teaser reel, “Silicon Valley is high school, but it’s only the smart kids and everyone has a lot of money.”

Hermione Way (video director at The Next Web and founder of Newspepper): “She is known for her British accent and doing spontaneous things.” Way is a British video personality who become super connected in Silicon Valley.

Ben Way (founder of Rainmakers): Hermione‘s brother, “the first kid in Europe, after launching companies at the age of 15.” He has helped launch 43 companies across three continents in consumer tech, clean tech, and medical tech. He is most known for appearing on Secret Millionaire.

Kim Taylor (Ampush Media): She left everything behind in the Midwest and moved to California to do a start up with 3 ex-Wall Streeters (also friends) who wanted out of the finance after the financial crisis and recruited her from Chicago. She told them if they hired her, they wouldn’t need outside capital.

Jay Holanda (model): Jay is a model, producer, and founder of a stealth startup. He splits his time between LA and San Francisco.

Marcus Lovingood (founder of Futureleap): Marcus is the founder of Futureleap, a social media production company and will bridge the tech scene in SV to Hollywood. He is a rising star in the film world. He came here from San Diego.

David Murray (starting some sort of new startup): According to Business Insider his Google Plus bio says, “he was head of product of Raptr, user experience lead at Atari, and product manager at Google.” He did computer science at Carnegie Mellon and is a fantastic programmer, according to somebody who knew him there.

Dwight Crow (founder of Carsabi): The only one on the show who can code. He runs a site that helps people save on automobile purchases.

Produced by Den of Thieves with Jesse Ignjatovic, Evan Prager and Randi Zuckerberg serving as executive producers.

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