Real Housewives of New Jersey is Back for Season 4

Bravo announced on Thursday that the hit series returns April 22 for Season 4 after shooting last summer.

The claws are coming out on the new season of RHONJ. Teresa Giudice, Caroline Manzo, Jacqueline Laurita, Melissa Gorga and Kathy Wakile are back for another dose of drama — and this time, it’s serious.

And as the network discovered after shooting last season and this upcoming fourth season back-to-back, the action can get ahead of itself.

Plus, based on the new trailer below, it looks like former cast member Dina Manzo and frequent guest Kim D., owner of favorite ‘Housewife’ shopping locale, Posche Boutique — will also be back to stir up trouble.

At the center of the storm? Teresa Giudice, naturally.

Teresa recently told PEOPLE that she is “saddened” by what happened during the filming of the new installment.

“I am still saddened by what transpired. There are a lot of hurtful and shocking moments,” she dished on what to expect on the reality series. On her ongoing feuds with former BFF Jacqueline and Caroline, the 39-year-old mother of four said, “One thing I have noticed is that some people tend to change when the cameras are rolling.”

Though Teresa worked on fixing her strained relationship with sister-in-law Melissa last season, it is still very much a work in progress, she says. Despite allegations that she tried to expose Melissa‘s past as a stripper (Gorga swears she was a fully-clothed bartender, but that’s not what comes across in the preview), “Melissa and I are family and we have our ups and downs just like any family,” the contestant of “The Celebrity Apprentice” claimed. “That is life.”

But what of her own behavior?

“I live in the moment and nobody is perfect. We all make mistakes and in retrospect there are times where I would have handled a situation differently,” Teresa.

“That said, I live by a strong set of morals and family values and if I am being attacked I will stick up for myself,” she continues. “I am a strong woman and it is important for me to defend my character if it is being assassinated. It was a very difficult to go through and especially hurtful when family is involved.”

According to Bravo, on the premiere episode, Jacqueline’s whereabouts during the Season 3 reunion will be revealed.
Season 4 will also reveal the truth behind the tabloid stories, to fallout over Teresa‘s cookbook.

Look for Melissa to continue to working on her music career with the help of celebrity choreographer — and J. Lo‘s ex husband– Criss Judd.

Caroline will be helping her brother plan his wedding to his long-time partner and she’ll guide her daughter Lauren through weight-loss issues.

Caroline will deal with her friendship with Teresa and Jacqueline‘s daughter, Ashley Holmes and has to deal with a shocking ultimatum.

Meanwhile, Kathy will be expanding her dessert line — and dealing with some nude photos sent to her son.

Jacqueline struggles to maintain friendships and loyalties.

The ladies will also take trips to the Jersey Shore and California‘s wine country, Napa Valley.

“Run away, coward, like you always do when you’re wrong,” Melissa screams at Teresa who then gets in her face. “What, are you going to do something?” Melissa says. Whoa!

“There are evil people out there and sometimes they come in the shape of your friends,” Teresa snipes in a video confessional.

Says Jacqueline: “F–k you Teresa. I see you for exactly who you are.”

“When you associate with scum, you become scum,” Kathy muses.

“I can’t even look at you!” Caroline says to Teresa.

Caroline tells PEOPLE that this season is “absolutely riveting, and gets very personal on a lot of different levels.”

Well, Jacqueline felt she needed to set the record straight again on Wednesday via Twitter. “FACT! No, I have not quit the show and no, I have not been fired,”she writes. “Season 5 is a mystery. Guess u will just have to ….Watch What Happens! XO!”

The new season premieres Sunday, April 22 (10 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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