The Real Housewives of Vancouver to Debut in April

Now we’ll see whether emotionally unstable Canadian cougars can catfight with the best of them.

The world’s number one lifestyle reality franchise goes Canadian. Joining Orange County, New York City, Atlanta, New Jersey, Beverly Hills, Miami, D.C. and most recently, Athens, Israel and France, The Real Housewives of Vancouver is the first Canadian installment of the internationally acclaimed series.

The Canadian cast members are Christina Kiesel, Jody Claman, Mary Zilba, Reiko MacKenzie and Ronnie Seterdahl Negus. Indie producer Lark Productions, isn’t likely to mess with a winning formula. Slice airs the U.S. Real Housewives franchise and like most local broadcasters is following on with a Canadian reality series to build on the ratings.

The first season dives into their everyday lives. Revealing intimate and often outrageous details about their relationships, career triumphs and pitfalls, sex lives and family drama.

RHOV, the year’s most buzzed about new Canadian lifestyle reality series, takes viewers on a wild ride into the never before seen world of Vancouver‘s wealthiest and most fabulous women.

Don’t miss the 2-Hour Premiere Event Beginning at 9pm ET/PT on Wednesday, April 4th on Slice.

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