Shedd Aquarium Gala 2011

June 11, 2011
Chicago IL

Shedd Aquarium’s annual black-tie gala draws Chicago’s philanthropic leaders for dinner and dancing on Shedd’s terrace, which boasts one of the best views of Lake Michigan and the Chicago skyline.


Celebrate the new Jellies exhibit, which adds nearly a dozen species of sea jellies to the more than 32,000 amazing animals at Shedd! On Saturday, June 11th, come to the Sea Jelly Soirée and toast this fantastical new display of mesmerizing creatures.

You will be jazzed by the jellies, not to mention our beloved belugas, dazzling dolphins and fantastic fishes! And to top it off, the Sea Jelly Soirée benefits our favorite schooling fishes — more than 300,000 children who visit Shedd each year to learn about conservation.

Sea Jelly Soirée
Saturday, June 11, 2011
6:00 p.m. Cocktails
7:30 p.m. Dinner
9:00 p.m. Dancing

Complimentary Valet Parking
Black Tie

Julie Hughes O’Connor

Laura Ferris Anderson

Mrs. Ted A. Beattie
Mrs. Robert A. Beatty
Mrs. Walter W. Bell
Mrs. Philip D. Block III*
Mrs. Richard J. Blommer
Ms. Dontrey Britt-Hart

Mrs. Michael J. Busch
Ms. Kimberly Carroll
Mrs. Thomas C. Clark
Elizabeth O’Connor Cole
Elizabeth Hartigan Connelly
Mrs. Alfred E. D’Ancona*
Mrs. David Devonshire

Mrs. Robin Blesi Doerge*
Mrs. David L. Epstein*
Mrs. William M. Feldman
Mrs. Michael Ferro
Mrs. Peter B. Foreman*
Mrs. William B. Gage, Jr.

Sarah Nava Garvey*

Mrs. Sabrina P. Gracias
Mrs. John Greisch
Mrs. Matthew R. Halpin
Mrs. Brendan P. Head
Ms. Lisa Huff
Mrs. Jonathan F. Jackson
Dr. Ann L. Jones

Mrs. Robert H. Jordan
Mrs. Walter M. Kelly
Mrs. Thomas N. King
Mrs. Maryfran Klein
Mrs. R. Stribling Koster

Mrs. Robert D. Krebs*
Ms. Tracey Kritt

Ms. Donna LaPietra*
Mrs. Ian Larkin
Mrs. Richard Lobo
Mrs. W. David Mangel*
Mrs. John Mangel III

Cheryl Mayberry McKissack
Mrs. Andrew McNally V

Mrs. John Mengelt*
Mrs. Robert S. Morrison*
Mrs. Susan Blankenbaker Noyes
Mrs. Fred J. O’Connor

Mrs. James J. O’Connor*
Mr. James J. O’Connor, Jr.
Mrs. Jay L. Owen, Jr.
Mrs. Albert Pawlick*
Mrs. Donald S. Perkins*
Mrs. George Phillips-Sorich
Mrs. John S. Reed*

Ms. Susan Regenstein
Mrs. Donald Rocap
Mrs. Randall S. Rogers
Mrs. Ronald A. Rolighed
Lydia Stamis Ryan

Nancy S. Searle
Mrs. Lloyd A. Semple, Jr.
Mrs. William N. Sick*
Mrs. Stephen Byron Smith*
Mrs. Thomas Clybourn Smith

Colette Cachey Smithburg
Mrs. Guy E. Snyder
Mrs. Pedro Sotomil
Mrs. William F. Souder*
Mrs. Monica Thuet
Mrs. Steve Winter

*Past Gala Chairman

Shedd Aquarium Board of Trustees

Sarah N. Garvey

Ted A. Beattie

Life Trustees
Philip D. Block III
Peter B. Foreman
Marian Phelps Pawlick
William N. Sick
Stephen Byron Smith

Ellen D. Caya
Elizabeth Hartigan Connelly
Eugene M. Cummings
David W. Devonshire
Scott L. Dille
David L. Epstein

Tyrone C. Fahner
H. John Gilbertson Jr.
John J. Greisch
Brett J. Hart
Wallace L. Head
Quentin G. Heisler, Jr.
Daniel J. Hennessy

Kym M. Hubbard
Robert H. Jordan
Brian A. Kenney
Richard L. Keyser
Thomas N. King
Cary A. Kochman
David J. Koo

Anne E. Krebs
Donna LaPietra
Bruce K. Lee
Cheryl Mayberry McKissack
Andrew McNally V
Harvey L. Miller
J. Jay Miller

Wade D. Miquelon
Susan E. Morrison
Patrick J. Mullen
Ellen L. O’Connor
Jane B. Perkins
Bruce J. Piller
Ginevra Reed Ralph

Susan Regenstein
Marc E. Rothman
Gregory H. Sachs
John F. Sandner
David P. Scharf
Nancy S. Searle
Lloyd A. Semple, Jr.
Benjamin M. Shapiro

Mary S. Smith
Guy E. Snyder
Tracy Souder
William C. Steers
John P. Tague
Jane Warner
Reeve Byron Waud

Donna Sims Wilson
Steve Winter

Honorary Trustees
Henry S. Bienen
Ronald L. Blake
William P. Braker
Stanton R. Cook

Stanley M. Freehling
J. Donald Higgins
Benjamin F. Lenhardt, Jr.
Roger F. Lewis
John Jeffry Louis III
Cordell Reed
Marjorie Reed

Anne O’Laughlin Scott
John A. Sivright
Jeffrey D. Steele
Robert J. Stucker

Ex-Officio Trustees
The Honorable Richard M. Daley
Joshua P. Kolar, Auxiliary Board President

Shedd Aquarium
1200 S. Lake Shore Drive
Chicago IL


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