Celebs Walk Runway for AIDS in Dallas

Celebs Walk Runway for AIDS in Dallas

Dallas Fashion week 2012 Highlight

On January 22, Dallas Fashion week 2012 wrapped up at the Museum of Automotive History with the AIDS Awareness Benefit and Awards Gala benefiting South Dallas AIDS walk, featuring a fashion show with local celebs.

Glen Pakulak from Bravo’s Most Eligible Dallas. MED features 6 Dallas singles on the dating scene. Two straight guys, one gay guy and three women looking for love in Big D. Rumor has it producers are searching for the season two cast of most eligibles…..
Candace Hickey from We TV’s Texas Multi Mama‘s in Gadol. TMM will air the final four episodes back to back on Monday February 6 from 11:00-3:00 if you missed its first season run. TMM features 6 cast members who are mothers to twins, triplets or quadruplets. Just having that many kids of the same age creates drama, but check out the drama between some of the ladies!
Dena Miller described by Style network as a “Queen Bee”  in original media release for Big Rich Texas, you might remember reading about in Dallas Morning News. Two of the original cast members in that first announcement weren’t on the show…things that make you go Hmmmmm  Look for second season BRT to continue trying to pass themselves off as Dallas elite and this time adding some well known locals who’ve been chomping at the bit to get on TV, as backdrop to help with the illusion.


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