Rates Washington D.C. Best City for Cheaters

The website bearing the tagline “Life is Short. Have an Affair,” released its ranking of the top 10 US cities for cheaters.

The Nation’s Capital is no stranger to scandal and intrigue involving successful people and their extramarital pursuits. is an online dating service for people already in relationships.

The website drew its conclusions from its own subscriber base, looking at which cities had the most registered users and, based on its population, the highest per capita membership.

DC has nearly 38,000 registered users and the highest per capita stats—and 30 new subscribers per day, reports the Post. The most per capita among its 13 million user base.

Washington, D.C. receives approximately 30 new sign-ups per day with peaks on Mondays.

CEO Noel Biderman theorizes, “Simply put, the more successful you are, the more prone to cheating you are, and Washington is full of successful people looking for something outside their marriage.”

Powerful men and women, particularly those in politics, “are massive risk takers,” Biderman told the Daily News. In some cases, “they’re willing to transfer that to risk-taking to their personal lives,” he said.

“The more successful you are the more you tend to travel for work and pleasure, and more often removed from your family, interacting with individuals with whom commonalities surface,” adds Biderman.

Rounding out the top 10:

1. Washington D.C.
2. San Antonio TX
3. Phoenix AZ
4. Salt Lake City UT
5. Oklahoma City OK
6. Pittsburgh PA
7. Boston MA
8. Chicago IL
9. Dallas TX
10. Orlando FL

Looks like power is the ultimate aphrodisiac after all.

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