Bentley to Unveiled SUV at 2012 Geneva Car Show

The first official images of the lavish SUV that Bentley will unveil tomorrow at the Geneva Motor Show are out.

The company has named it the EXP 9 F and says it will come standard with a 6.0-liter twin-turbocharged W12 engine. A 4.0 liter twin-turbocharged V8 and a hybrid drivetrain option on the 8-speed AWD vehicle are possibilities as well.

Bentley says the W12 engine could produce 600bhp and 800 Nm of torque with a top speed and 0-60mph time faster than any SUV on the market today.

Design elements include Bentley’s signature matrix grille, round lamps and strong power-line throughout the side of the car. New to the vehicle would be jet-inspired elliptical twin exhaust tailpipes, 23-inch alloy wheels and a two-part split tailgate. (An awning extends over the tailgate to protect those seated underneath, since the door can double as a picnic table.)

The usual handcrafted elements–wood, leather, aluminum, bronze and gunmetal–will be featured inside the car. Designers in Crewe, England, have also apparently been experimenting with saddle leather to outfit the cabin interior.

In a fitting touch for British motoring, the seats will feature a diamond-quilted leather shoulder line that resembles the quilted pattern on a British hunting jacket. The floor-mats are a wool-silk blend.

Beyond the Bentley badge, the EXP 9 F has a glass panel roof, which Bentley claims expresses “strength and lightness,” just like “the roll cages of rally cars,” fold-down keyboards in the rear seats with Internet via an iPad and footrests, drinks table and movie screen.  Of course, the rear armrest of the car lifts to reveal flutes and a chilled champagne compartment.

Other creature comforts in the new ride will include two umbrellas and a bespoke picnic hamper that all fit into either side of the rear luggage area.
There’s no telling what the final product that goes on sale will look like. The EXP 9 F is just a concept at this point, and Bentley is hedging about whether it will actually produce the über luxe SUV.

Bentley‘s publicists tout the car as “a pinnacle of luxury performance SUV design concept.”

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