Florida Keys’ East Sister Rock Island For Sale $12 million

Sun, surf, and cool ocean breeze makes the island a perfect vacation home, or even a year-round residence.

Part dream home and part escape from reality, it’s ideal location is perfect for someone who loves everything about Atlantic coast and now it’s officially on the market.

East Sister Rock Island offers approximately 5,000 square feet of usable space. It provides a 360 degree view of the surrounding ocean, meaning that no matter what time of day, there is always a pleasant place to relax in the sun or shade.

The island is tropical living at its finest, and features landscaping with pruned bushes and towering palm trees.

Located just a quarter mile offshore of the Florida Keys city of Marathon, the island offers an isolated atmosphere while still allowing its residents easy access to the mainland.

Marathon has plenty of opportunities for designer shopping and fine dining. The Keys are renowned for their golf courses and the area is jam-packed with galleries, spas and wildlife tours for wealthy visitors.

The main structure on the island is the large 2,500 square-foot villa that features three bedrooms, a luxurious dining room, and spacious living room already adorned with furniture and a flat-screen TV complete with cable and satellite service.

There are 3 large bedrooms in there, which can accommodate 9 guests at a time, apart from living space, dining space, and bay area which can be used for water-sports activities.

The island features a beach with plenty of space for parties, a private boat dock, and even a helicopter landing pad.

The oasis is surrounded by a massive coral reef which is perfect for scuba diving, and the crystal clear waters appear ideal for any kind of water sports you have in mind.

The island’s price tag includes a 21′ Carolina skiff that is perfect for jetting to and from the remote residence.

Built in 1980, the designing of the house includes eco-friendly low energy consuming mechanisms, for making it apt for a location of this kind.

Robert and Elena Williford originally purchased the property in 1995 to enjoy with their four children. Now that their family have grown up, they are spending less time there and have decided to sell.

As the family grew, the owners began renting it out as a luxury getaway that demanded as much as $5,000 per week.

The islands’ $12 million asking price ensures it will be scooped up by either a wealthy isolationist, or a vacation company looking to capitalize on the private paradise.

‘The property has only been on the market for ten days but has already caused a great deal of interest.’

Marvin Arrieta
Century 21 Premier Elite Realty
Email: msarrieta@msn.com


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