Ignazio and Maggio Cipriani’s MR. C in Beverly Hills

Princes of all things hospitality, the Cipriani brothers have learned from the family business which began in 1931 with the storied Venice watering hole for the rich and famous.

Cipriani S.A. is a privately owned international corporation based in Luxembourg that owns and operates luxury restaurants and clubs around the world including Harry’s Bar in Venice and formerly the Rainbow Room in New York City.

The Cipriani brothers have made their mark on the Los Angeles by opening doors to the hotel du jour. Mr. C is located at Beverwil Drive and Pico Boulevard, in lavish Beverly Hills, the hotel is definitely making headway with hotel connoisseurs and the jetset elite. The brothers hope to turn Mr. C into a chain.

They’re in their early twenties, but a 2009 New York Post profile painted them as nose to the grindstone types with long-term girlfriends (who occasionally punch chauffeurs).

Although they are heirs to the family throne, Ignazio, 23, and Maggio, 21, aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. The duo decided to form Mr. C as their own pet project, An independent hotel concept, designing the 138-room hotel as their ultimate getaway, and creating their ideal destination for relaxation. The 12-story hotel, Mr. C offers up luxury on a platter.

In addition to classic Cipriani recipes such as its signature Carpaccio, Mr. C‘s restaurant will offer grilled dishes and pizzas. The restaurant’s fare will also be available through 24-hour room service and at the fabulous beach club-style pool deck that offers designer cabanas and outdoor bar next to a splashy but small pool.

Located in a 60s high-rise once called the Tower Hotel, the building is benefiting from a Cipriani-worthy overhaul evident from a grand motorcourt trimmed in white limestone leading to a fashionable lobby styled in tufted lounge seating.

There is also a 12th-floor ballroom with a private elevator and panoramic views.

A series of loft-style guest rooms are lined in walls of glass revealing exaggerated views of downtown LA and Century City skyline

Guest rooms, which average $350 a night, according to General Manager Sam Jagger, offer private balconies, hardwood floors, marble bathrooms and decor that recalls a luxury yacht’s interior.

Additionally, the property will feature five multi-level, residential-sized bungalows averaging approximately 3,000 square feet, each with a private garden, gourmet kitchen, plunge pool and views of Beverly Hills. Renowned Californian architect Ray Kappe designed the bungalows, which will feature all the Mr. C amenities including spa treatments, housekeeping, and room service from the signature Mr. C restaurant.

“I would like it to be a hotel that is timeless. Not something that just booms in the first year and is cool for a little bit and then people move on to the next thing.” -Ignazio Cipriani


If you’re looking for a weekend away and want to bask in extravagance head to Mr.C where you will mingle with the crème de la crème of Beverly Hills.  On any given day you will find Sir Richard Branson, Harvey Weinstein, or any member of the Missoni family laying poolside or having lunch at the hotel’s restaurant.

About Cipriani S.A.
The family patriarch Giuseppe Cipriani (1900–1980) founded Harry’s Bar in Venice in 1931.

Harry’s Bar was founded after Cipriani was working at the Hotel Europa in Venice and loaned a customer Harry Pickering, a rich, young Bostonian 10,000 lire (about US$5,000) in 1929 at the beginning of the Crash of 1929.

Two years later, Pickering returned to the hotel bar, ordered a drink, and gave Cipriani 50,000 lire in return. “Mr. Cipriani, thank you,” he said, according to the Cipriani website. “Here’s the money. And to show you my appreciation, here’s 40,000 more, enough to open a bar. We will call it Harry’s Bar.”

The Italian Ministry for Cultural Affairs declared it a national landmark in 2001.

Harry’s Bar has long been frequented by famous people, and it was a favorite of Ernest Hemingway and Humphrey Bogart. Other notable customers have included Italian conductor Arturo Toscanini, inventor Guglielmo Marconi, Charlie Chaplin, Alfred Hitchcock, Truman Capote, Orson Welles, Baron Philippe de Rothschild, Princess Aspasia of Greece, Aristotle Onassis, Barbara Hutton, Peggy Guggenheim, and Woody Allen.

The fizzy drink Bellini and the food dish Carpaccio were reputed to have originated there.

Giuseppe‘s son Arrigo Cipriani (born 1932) is the majority owner. Arrigo is Italian for Harry. His son Giuseppe Cipriani (born 1965) is the main business manager.

In 1958 the elder Cipriani built the Hotel Cipriani in Venice. In 1967 Cipriani Sr. sold rights to the Cipriani name trademark.

However the family went international in 1985 under the Cipriani.

In 1997 the Cipriani’s bought 55 Wall Street, noted for its huge ornate former First National Bank lobby. They sold it in 1999 and bought the Bowery Savings Bank building across from Grand Central – again noted for its huge ornate lobby. 55 Wall Street Cipriani’s, Grand Central Cipriani’s, and Cipriani Tribeca, were designed by Anthony Morali of Morali Architects.

In 1999 they bought the Rainbow Room and extensively remodeled it and fired the members of Local 6 of the Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees Union which picketed it.

In 2003 the company won a right from Hudson River Park board to develop Pier 57 into Leonardo’s a luxury complex that included catering hall, shops, restaurants, a rooftop pool and a public park. Their principal competition was the Chelsea Piers which was just nort of Pier 57. After winning the bid Michael DiLeonardo, an associate of Peter Gotti, turned state’s evidence against the accused mobster. In his testimony DiLeonardo said the Cipriani’s had paid $120,000 to the Gambino crime family to make union problems at the Rainbow Room disappear. The charges were never confirmed. However the Cipriani’s were successful in firing the union workers. In the wake of the battle the Cipriani’s relinquished its rights to develop the pier.

In 2004 they opened Cipriani London.
In 2006 in partnership with attorney Steven C. Witkoff they bought 55 Wall Street again.

Arrigio and Giuseppe pled guilty in 2007 to misdemeanor tax evasion for defrauding $3.5 million in state and city taxes for six years beginning in 1998. They were placed on probation through 2011 and an independent auditor was assigned to monitor future payments.

In December 2008 the High Court of England and Wales ruled that Orient-Express Hotels (which owns the Hotel Cipriani) owns the Cipriani trademark and that the use of “Cipriani” in the name of the London restaurant infringed its trademark rights. The restaurant’s name in London (Mayfair) would have to be changed by April 24, 2010. The new name of the restaurant is “C“.

In January 2009 the Cipriani’s announced plans to close the Rainbow Room in a dispute with 30 Rock owner Tishman Speyer Properties. Tishman in turn responded that it was evicting Cipriani’s from the Rainbow Room.

Mr. C Hotel and Restaurant
1224 Beverwil Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90035
(310) 277-2800

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