Lisa Vanderpump vs. Adrienne Maloof

They’re the two most likable cast members of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills but are no longer friends. is reporting that the ladies are no longer cooking chickens together…in fact they aren’t even speaking.  A source tells Star, “Now that the show is airing and they’re both finding out what was said behind each other’s backs, they’re both furious.”  It seems now that the women “absolutely hate each other,” cites the insider.

“There is a lot of tension between the two of them. It bums me out because they both are so great. It’s hard for some of these women to share the spotlight and remember they are on a show with an ensemble cast and there isn’t just one star. There is room for both of them to be loved,” Brandi Glanville told RumorFix.

Brandi Glanville‘s words confirm the story running in Star magazine, which states that “the feud began when Lisa’s daughter decided not to have her bachelorette party on the Maloof-owned Palms resort in Vegas. And then Lisa referred to Adrienne‘s new shoe line as the ‘Maloof Hoof” and created her own rival shoe, the ‘Vanderpump.'”

The source continues, “Now, they’re never together unless they have to be for the show.  The friendship is done.”

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    1. As for her saying Cedric turned up unannounced and definitely uninvited, well, it’s been proven that Bravo had talked to her about meeting up with Cedric, so again, so much for that angle. Also, as Brandi’s blog says, one of the bouncers was a production staff member. Like that didn’t raise eyebrows from Lisa? It’s her restaurant, she could have hired her own people to man the door & keep out supposedly unwanted people. But instead, she let Bravo man the door? And had she never thought of the consequences of doing that? Me doth thinks she protests too much Wow Dana, it took a lot of energy butting into other people’s lives just for your own famewhoredom? Boo hoo. You don’t even know Kim and there was nothing you could do for her except try to videobomb her in order to get more camera time. What was there to do in the bathroom with her? Watch pee on a stick dry? As for the Taylor situation, I dunno what you think you did for her. Adrienne, any event that involves Taylor becomes a therapy session. Have you not watched the show? Puleze . As for currently blogless Kyle . Me Me Me. Kim says Ken was bad to her and kept her up all night fighting, and now she has to move & get away from him, and she’s doing pregnancy tests in the bathroom, yet all you were concerned with was getting an apology FROM HER WHILE you told Taylor she doesn’t have to apologize for anything? And your sister is only a third of a psycho nut than Taylor is. Kim went to both of Mauricio’s Hawaiian dinners and said she didn’t want drama but peaceful dinners to which you yourself turned them both into havoc, but when Taylor shows up and turns every event into a cataclysmic apocalypse, that’s tolerable? Oh ok .Kyle, you’re so toxic for your sister & yourself. There comes a point where constructive criticism becomes nagging and then that nagging becomes destructive put-downs. There are two types of people in a situation like yours: 1) those who realize that there comes a time when their interference’ does more harm than good and thus ends their interference’ for the emotional health of all, including themselves. 2) those who enjoy playing this parasitic role and love being labeled a martyr. Kyle, you’re the latter, btw in case you didn’t realize it

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