Marlo Hampton and Charles Grant have Bad Check Writing in Common

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” newcomer Marlo Hampton has split with NFLer Charles Grant, 33. She also spoke on his recent arrest…

Charles Grant, who appeared alongside Marlo on RHOA, was arrested on November 28 on felony charges involving bad checks in Colquitt, GA. Not only is the arrest news true, but the two have called off their engagement:

“I truly regret that this has happened to him,” Marlo told, “While my relationship with Charles ended earlier this year, I hope he will put these challenging circumstances behind him and move forward.”

Interesting that Marlo has been arrested for that same charge herself a few times before. Hmmm….

There’s a good reason why Marlo isn’t in any of the cast pictures for “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” season 4.

A source told that Bravo did give Marlo an official contract to join “RHOA.” The network opted not to ink a deal with Marlo because it was unaware of her extensive criminal record.

It didn’t help matters that Marlo was also “highly inaccurate” about her relationship with NFL player Grant. Initially, she told the network that she was his fiancée. However, there’s word that Charles never popped the question to her and that he’s refusing to back up her claims that they are engaged.

Now that she is officially single, Marlo celebrated in style by hosting a glamorous Christmas party at her home. Does anyone know what exactly Marlo does for a living?

None of the Housewives were present at the fete, but Lawrence and Derek J made an appearance.

Bravo reported that Season 4 is up 27% from last season.

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