Socialite Valesca Guerrand-Hermes’s Helicopter Trips Angers Neighbor

The Warren, Connecticut landing pad was approved by zoning officer.

According to, Rick Santorelli lives in one of the most quiet parts of Warren, but since early fall his peace has often been shattered by a helicopter flying over his property on Above All Road.

The helicopter comes and goes with Valesca aboard. She owns a home on Sackett Hill Road. Guerrand-Hermes flies from Warren to the city and back regularly.

Her property, known as Sackett Hill Farm, is less than one mile from Santorelli‘s and includes a new concrete landing pad for the helicopter.

The former wife of Mathias Guerrand-Hermès, one of 20 heirs to the French luxury goods empire, Valesca Dost Guerrand-Hermès is a fixture at events around New York.


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