Top Ten Rudest Cities in America 2012

Travel + Leisure compiled a list of the top 20 rudest cities in America for 2012.

So what is the rudest city in America?

According to Travel + Leisure, New York City claimed the No. 1 slot.

The Big Apple reclaims its heavyweight title in hostility, a dubious honor it last held in 2009.

They’re gorgeous, a little wild, and terrible drivers, according to voters.

Washington, DC got two spots ruder since last year. For less attitude, voters preferred to hang out with any locals cast in bronze or granite.

If someone hurts your feelings here, try retail therapy: the city ranked third for both luxury and design stores.

Folks in Beantown ranked near the top for intelligence, but that didn’t endear them to visitors.

Locals in this sprawling city have probably tired of tourists’ old jokes about oil wells and cattle ranches.

The city scored near the bottom for romantic escapes, and the locals ranked as some of theleast attractive.

Phoenix/Scottsdale moved into the top 10 this year after placing at No. 12 last year.

Voters seemed to detect crabbiness alongside those famous crab cakes

One wonders, though, if it’s locals who are snapping at visitors, or if it’s just other tourists, who are cranky after waiting in theme-park lines

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