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The Marsha Jews Radio Show with Marsha Jews:

This program will feature interviews, audience call-ins and commentary. She will keeps her guest and their topics in perspective- relevant and real and plans on bringing radio and internet listeners informative discussions on science, technology, engineering, health, environmental, current events and issues surrounding women, life style and business.  This information will provide for listeners- the call to action to volunteer and work harder within their own families and communities.


Marsha is a consummate entrepreneur and the founder of the Bissell Street Group, based in the Baltimore and Washington Area with a national and Caribbean client base.

The Bissell Street Group clients reflect a broad spectrum of small and mid-sized businesses, NGO’s, educational institutions and municipalities. Marsha’s primary business competencies are marketing and business development.

A national leader in developing trade shows, conferences, seminars and career fairs, Marsha has worked with an array of Fortune 500 corporations and small and minority businesses, developing trade show marketing strategies. 

Marsha’s “out-of-the-box” thinking creates an environment of innovation and excitement on the exhibit hall floor.

An avid reader and researcher, Marsha enjoys learning as much as possible  about her clients, their industry and the demographics of their clients. 

Her creativity, enthusiasm and humor are infectious; her clients have a great time working with her to accomplish their 
goals and objectives.

Marsha has received numerous awards including the Mercedes Benz Vision Award for the founding of the Women of Color Technology Awards Conference.

 Recently honored as a Community Leader in the inaugural book 
Who’s Who in Black Baltimore.
As a much sought-after public speaker, Marsha’s dynamic and pithy style is unpredictable, entertaining and inspirational.



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  1. Dear “Sip With Socialites” Membership,

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! A couple of days ago, I awakened filled with light! My heart is full of gratitude for the outpouring of support from so many people; some I’ve known from childhood, others through decades and various stops along the way; family I have known and never met! Each working together to assist me in realizing my passion. I am forever grateful for the love and commitment.

    Through this long process there were four of us left; each with a dream and goal – to host a radio show on WEAA. Every single one of us spent time developing and producing a pilot show; making promo tapes, hosting a membership drive and of course, writing a proposal for a show that would be relevant and important for the community! The next step was to create awareness by participating in a community competition – to introduce ourselves, our show and encourage people to vote in a very short period. Every single person: Marilyn Harris, Sean Yoes, Dr. Brian Morrison and Dr. Renee Parker were formidable in their quest for this phase of the competition. Their hard work, drive and investment of themselves and their time should be commended. Their desire to host a radio show on WEAA is as strong as mine. As we all awaited the judges decision, I could’t help but applaud their hard work and each of their show concepts and wish them well and God Speed!

    This entire process has been and will always remain an amazingly humbling experience for me!

    The Marsha Jews Show… now known as “Keep It Moving” with Marsha Jews was selected to host our show, my commitment to each of you is to host a show that will make you proud, and bring relevant programming that responds to the voices that want to be heard, the issues that need to be discussed and people who can bring information to affect change in our lives and community!

    The launch will be September 19, 2011 at 7:00pm on WEAA 89.9 FM or or
    Again, thank each and everyone for your support!
    All the best,

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