Tahera’s Fabulous Fridays with Dena Miller

Dena Miller, Mrs. Dallas United America 2014
Dena Miller, Mrs. Dallas United America 2014

Every Friday, glam up your weekend with our must have style and beauty recommendations. Whether it’s the sexy belt to compliment your outfit or the ultimate rouge for that ‘come hither look,’ we’ve got you covered. Have a fav you want us to try out? Send the info our way and we’ll give it the rundown to make sure it’s socialite worthy.

Tom Ford 'Shade & Illuminate' Highlighter & Shader Duet
Tom Ford ‘Shade & Illuminate’ Highlighter & Shader Duet

Who loves it?

Dena Miller, Dallas City Editor at Ask Miss A www.askmissa.com, President and founder Ladies Polo Auxiliary www.lpatexas.com,
Dallas Summer Musicals board member www.dsm.org, Mrs. Highland Park 2012, Mrs. Dallas United America 2013 and 2014

What is it:

Tom Ford ‘Shade & Illuminate’ Highlighter & Shader Duet
Contouring is everything and should be done before applying foundation and layered over as well, for best effect, especially for photography or stage. I compete in Mrs. Pageants, holding three titles currently, and the stage lights can really wash out your face. I’ve learned some wonderful tricks from pageant makeup artist Nicole West who has her own line of cosmetics as well, but my favorite contour product is by Tom Ford. He has a palette that has both the dark contour and the white highlight. My everyday look is fresh faced, a bb cream, mascara and gloss. I love lipgloss and have hundreds of tubes and pots all over the house and car.

Where can you get it:





When I have to be made up for stage or photos, contouring and highlighting is crucial to define cheekbones, slenderize a nose, pronounce a jawbone, hide a chin. Contouring is your friend!


Again, BEGIN with great skin! Use the contour and highlight UNDER your foundation, and then layering on top before powder as well. For stage I would also layer with a bronzer.

Try it and let us know what you think! If you would like to share your beauty secrets with our readers email tahera@sipwithsocialites.com

Tahera Zamanzada

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