How To Become Your Own Matchmaker & Locate Amazing Men!

As we are nearing the holiday season, I decided to go the extra mile, by giving all my single female readers my professional advice.

It is my promise to each & every one of you who follow this simple plan, that you will have more fun than you have had in a long time, you will make new friends, discover new places, give yourself the opportunity to meet new men in general & perhaps, it may even lead you to meeting the one!

In the following few weeks & exclusively for my Sip with Socialites readers, I will offer the following advice to help you achieve your goals:

  • How to make yourself look irresistible to men, without looking tawdry
  • What you can do to attract a man’s eye without uttering a word
  • Clear Do’s & Don’ts of Dating
  • Where to find the great men you want!

Download your very own Matchmaking Profile HERE. The Profile is meant to serve as a foundational map in helping you achieve great success on your own. Lastly, I included a page for Vision Boards, to help you capture your dreams & shape them into something tangible to you.

Thus in doing so, it is the first step into subtlety programming your mind for success. Turning your dreams into reality!

Starting now, It is my hope that all of you single ladies out there rock in 2012 with happy possibilities!

About Laurel Desser:
Matchmaker Extraordinaire & Founder of A-List Personal Search & Introductions, located in Beverly Hills, California. Formally served as the National Director of 1st Class Matchmaking, specializing in the recruitment of beautiful women & matchmaking expert. Model Scout for Deco Models, Miami Beach FL.!/laureldesser


  1. Laurel you are an incredible, smart and talented woman. I wish you great success. Sip with Socialites sounds like the perfect venue to get the single crowd mixing and mingling and rockin’ and rollin’ for 2012. The web site looks amazing!!!
    All the best my dear friend,

  2. Thank you Suzanne! That’s a huge compliment coming from the creator & owner of The Beverly Hills Times Magazine. I knew that Sip with Socialites would be right up your alley though! It’s so much fun & the graphics are great! Love that you validate me in all the nicest ways & in public too! As you know that you have always been a Superstar to me!!

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