5 Things to do (and not to do) on Bumble

Would it be fair to say almost everyone and their mother is on some type of dating app these days? I think we finally have to accept that the dating world has changed (for better or worse) and whether you’re a Millennial or Gen X, you or someone you know is on Bumble, Tinder, Match or E Harmony. With that being said, what is the proper etiquette here? We compiled a top 5 list of dos and don’ts :


  • Do put more than one picture – You probably have many hobbies you enjoy so let them see you in different lights. Maybe a pic of you dressed up, another doing some activity you love, one with your lovable pet, a selfie or two but not more than that. Too many selfies on your profile are kind of a turn-off. Side note: make sure you get your friends permissions before you put them on there too in group pics. Some people might not like being on there. Oh and remember! guys and gals can screenshot your profile and pics, so once it’s out there, it’s out there. 


  • Put a couple of your favorite interests in your bio – this makes it easier to break the ice and send you a message about things you two have in common versus the typical “D pic” or perhaps even a “T pic” who knows… we personally read the bios and it’s a nice way to see what you’re about pre swipe.


  • Be friendly and lighthearted – Don’t start the convos by judging someone, saying mean things, being a bully (yes people are cruel) or even trying to pick an argument about religious/political issues. This is meant to be a fun process of meeting awesome people to hang out, hook up, date, whatever your forte. Keep the drama for your mama.


  • Meet for coffee or happy hour the first time – this is a good idea because if you don’t end up liking him/her or if you guys don’t have sparks flying all over Starbucks, you can leave without feeling like you dropped tons of cash on a dinner or you just wasted 3.5 hours of your time listening to someone talk about their stamp collection. Unless you like that shit. Then that’s obviously OK!


  • Save the sexy time for the 3rd or 4th date – Kissing on the first date? Yea why not! Unless you’re looking for a casual hookup, we suggest you wait for the 3rd or 4th date to do the horizontal mambo. This way some hot and heavy momentum builds and you really get a chance to see if you are attracted and compatible. Remeber to practice safe mambo for many reasons which we know you know.


When and if the relationship builds remember to keep lines of communication open. We are all adults here and have questions right? Are we turning off our dating apps? Keeping them on? Are we committed or is this casual dating? You get the drift.


Happy Swiping!!

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