Tahera’s Fabulous Friday with Dr. Rondi Walker

Dr. Rondi Kathleen Walker Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Rondi Kathleen Walker
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Every Friday, glam up your weekend with our must have style and beauty recommendations. Whether it’s the sexy belt to compliment your outfit or the ultimate rouge for that ‘come hither look,’ we’ve got you covered. Have a fav you want us to try out? Send the info our way and we’ll give it the rundown to make sure it’s socialite worthy.

Who are you?

Dr. Rondi Kathleen Walker
For many in the metro area looking for plastic surgery, Dr. Walker has a particular gift for the arts and sciences. She achieves outstanding results with both surgical and non-operative minimally invasive techniques. Her surgical repertoire includes face and eyelid procedures, “mommy makeovers,” liposuction, Smart Lipo, Cellulaze, body re-contouring, and breast reduction and augmentation.

Impeccably trained and qualified even the high standard of her profession, Dr. Walker is board-certified in both plastic surgery and otolaryngology. She trained with top surgeons at Oxford, Hospital Necker in Paris, and Yale and Georgetown University, where she is an Assistant Clinical Professor today. Named both a Top Doctor and Super Doctor in Washington, DC, she maintains hospital privileges at Georgetown, Johns Hopkins-Sibley Memorial Hospital, and MedStar Surgery Center.

Silhouette Face Lift
Silhouette Face Lift

What is it you want our readers to know about?

Silhouette Face Lift
It is a simple in-office procedure to re-contour your face by lifting the deeper layers of your skin. Dr. Walker will insert fine Silhouette InstaLift sutures to lift the deeper layers of the skin in your mid-face or cheek area. The treatment is comfortable, no general anesthesia is required, and typically takes 45 minutes. You will see results right away. There may be some mild swelling or redness for a few days, and you can go back to your normal routine with minimal downtime. Dr. Walker is the only Plastic surgeon in the metropolitan area who offers this procedure.

Who loves it?

Both men and women, ages 40+, looking to diminish signs of aging without undergoing major surgery.


Varies, depending on each patient and their individual needs.


It’s a facial rejuvenation procedure that lifts sagging facial skin without having surgery, scars or general anesthesia. It requires minimal down time so you can go back to your normal routine.


– Performed in less than an hour
– Local Anesthetic
– True lunch hour face lift
– May be performed at same time as Botox and facial fillers

“My goal is always to give my patients natural results and an enhanced version of themselves“ -Dr. Rondi Kathleen Walker.

Walker Plastic Surgery
Foxhall Square Suite 252
3301 New Mexico Ave, NW
Washington, DC 20016
t: 202.364.6673
f: 202.686.0257

Try it and let us know what you think! If you would like to share your beauty secrets with our readers email tahera@sipwithsocialites.com

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