Lisa Vanderpump’s Spin-off "Vanderpump Rules"

Bravo announced The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump will have her own show.

The show chronicles the lives and relationships of the people who work for Lisa at SUR, while she tries to keep them focused on the “rules” of her restaurant. The glamorous restaurateur says, “the pretty young things at her restaurant are all sleeping together” which makes for tons of drama on the show.

Fans of RHOBH saw Lisa and her husband Ken Todd open the place last season. Lisa recently revealed that SUR was honored by the West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.

Vanderpump took to Twitter to announce the news. Lisa retweeted, “RT @BravoTV New show alert! Get a glimpse of what it’s like to be on staff at @LisaVanderpump’s SUR.

Meet The Cast

Kristen Doute
Kristen started modeling and acting as a child and has been at SUR for five years, which is longer than almost anyone on staff. Kristen loves working at SUR, side-by-side with her best friends Stassi and Katie, and her boyfriend of four years, Tom Sandoval. But her propensity to insert herself where she doesn’t belong often gets her into trouble with the staff, and her boss, Lisa.

Katie Maloney
Katie is best friends with fellow servers, Stassi and Kristen, and began dating Kristen‘s friend Tom Schwartz, who is in the same circle as her co-workers. Katie is finding that SUR has become her full-time job and the center of her social life. Often pushed around by her so called “friends,” the nice girl from Utah is learning that she needs to speak up and assert herself.

Scheana Marie
Scheana still dreams of making it big in Hollywood, but unfortunately, the only name she has made for herself thus far is in the tabloids as a “home wrecker” after she famously admitted to an affair with the ex-husband of Lisa‘s close friend Brandi Glanville. As the new girl at SUR, Scheana is constantly faced with proving that she is not the same naïve girl who fell for a married man and that she has talents far beyond other’s expectations.

Tom Sandoval
Tom bartends at SUR to make ends meet as he chases his dreams working in modeling, acting, and playing guitar in a band. Tom lives with his girlfriend, fellow performer and fellow SUR employee Kristen. As their lives become more entwined, he is beginning to question why their personal and work lives need to be one and the same.

Stassi Schroeder
For the past three years Stassi has been serving at SUR while she works to become the next big thing in fashion. She has a say-anything-to-anyone-at-anytime mentality and her mouth often gets her in trouble at SUR and especially with Lisa. Two years ago Stassi moved in with her boyfriend Jax and the two have been fighting passionately and making up even more passionately ever since. Always protecting her relationship with Jax, Stassi views Scheana as a threat and labels her a “home wrecker'” to the other staff.

Jax Taylor
Jax is a working model who bartends at SUR and enjoys the freedom, easy money and carefree lifestyle he has found in Hollywood. A self-described “Peter Pan,” he and his live-in girlfriend, Stassi, often fight over his immature actions and inability move to the next level in their relationship. But if he wants to be with Stassi forever, he is going to need to make a change, and fast.

Vanderpump Rules” debuts on Monday, January 7 at 9p.m. on Bravo!

SUR Restaurant and Bar
606 North Robertson Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(310) 289-2824

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