Beauty Secrets of Miss America Contestants

What goes into creating the pageant-perfect facade?

The women who compete in the worlds most popular pageant are considered the pinnacles of beauty, grace and sophistication. The biggest beauty secret Miss America contestants use is to aspire for perfection.

You also need the full package in terms of a finished and complete look. Every aspect of your appearance, from the tips of your hair to the cuticles on your fingers, should be clean, shaped and stylish.

Miss West Virginia Kaitlin Gates admitted her trick to ‘pull up your behind, to make you look like you have a really nice tush, even if you don’t,’ is something she calls ‘butt glue.’ ‘There’s a way to tuck in your bathing suit so everything’s all nice and firm,’ she said. ‘It’s an art.’

Miss Alabama Anna Laura Bryan reveals that Scotch tape is perfect for removing unwanted eyeshadow.

Meanwhile former Lindsey Graham intern, Miss South Carolina Ali Rogers said she swears by Scotch tape too for her make-up removal artistry.’It’s sticky enough to take [excess eye shadow] off, but not sticky enough to take the rest of your make-up off,’ she said, proudly.

Miss Arizona Piper Stoeckel revealed ‘I like to incorporate duct tape in a lot of my activities for Miss America. ‘During competition we have some lifting and supporting we need some help with, and [duct tape] gets the job done.’

Miss Virgin Islands Aniska Tonge explained how she gets perfectly-placed pageant hair. ‘My secret for hair is Flexi Rods,’ she said. ‘When you use curling irons, it might not always curl your hair, so what you do is wet your hair in the night, curl in your Flexi Rods, real tight, wake up the next morning and shake it out Baywatch style. And it’s perfect.’

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