Erin’s Takeover Thursday with Sareh Nouri

Erin’s Takeover Thursday with Sareh Nouri
Sareh Nouri

Takeover Thursday: Smart is Sexy

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Sareh Nouri's the "Clara" Gown
Sareh Nouri’s the “Clara” Gown
Photo: By Millie B Photography
Headpiece: Enchanted Atelier by Liv Hart
Hair & Makeup: Magda’s Design


Sareh Nouri, Sareh Nouri- New York, Designer

What was your first job?

Sales at Victoria’s Secret.

If you could travel back in time, what is the one piece of advice would you tell your former self?

Stay positive and focused!

Favorite spot for power networking?

*NYC Bridal Fashion Week every October & April*

Greatest achievement thus far?

My greatest achievement so far happens every time a bride to be is wearing a Sareh Nouri gown and says, “this is it”. It’s an incredible feeling that inspires me to continue.

Is there something (product, service, person, etc.) you cannot live without in your everyday work life?

My Husband and family!

Where do you see your business in the next 10 years?

In 10 years we will be an established global brand, that has expanded into evening wear, fragrance, ready to wear and much more!

What’s next?

Evening Wear

… and the actor who would play you in your Biopic would be:

Natalie Portman

Favorite Quote:

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” –Coco Chanel

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