Jana’s Magnanimous Monday with Lisa Moreno-Dickinson

Lisa Moreno- Dickinson
Lisa Moreno- Dickinson

Start your week with words of wisdom from these philanthropic individuals.

As we’re all here on earth together and we all have to do our part. Jana Sedlakova will explore how these shining stars make a difference.

Lisa with her son Brody
Lisa with her son Brody


Lisa Moreno- Dickinson

Pet Cause:

StopCAIDnow, Stop Rare Disease Bullying, Stop Caidnow Canada, StopCAIDnow International

Why is this cause so dear to you:

I coined CAID because my son Brody has a very rare and genetic auto inflammatory disease with no known prognosis. Instead of focusing on the disease, I focused on the mechanism so I could help him and all suffering from CAID. My older son seems to have an autoimmune disease with severe inflammatory response, the amount of children we will be able to help by focusing on the mechanism is tremendous especially because many of these diseases have such overlap.

Next noteworthy fundraiser:

StopCAIDnow is focusing more on serious investors to help with the first CAID clinic at the Cleveland Clinic and the treatment/cure that doctors from Georgetown are working on. I will be having an EVENT for those with any Rare/Genetic/CAID disease so all can have a day of fun and meet.

What can others do to help:

Please know CAID is not one disease and we do need your help with funding either the Clinic or the Cure. These children live in pain daily, these diseases are debilitating and even life threatening. I ask if you can not donate a dollar, then please share the website so others are aware. So many of these diseases are hard to diagnosis, spreading the word may just help one get properly diagnosed. You can visit our website at www.stopcaidnow.org, like our pages on Facebook, and watch the videos on Youtube to learn more and hear from some of the children affected with CAID.

Favorite Quote:

It is not the hurdles in our life that matter or define us, its how we choose to get over them that truly makes the difference.

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Jana Sedlakova

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