Jana’s Magnanimous Monday with Noella Musunka Coursaris

Jana’s Magnanimous Monday with Noella Musunka Coursaris
Noella Musunka Coursaris

Start your week with words of wisdom from these philanthropic individuals.

As we’re all here on earth together and we all have to do our part. Jana Sedlakova will explore how these shining stars make a difference.

Georges Malaika School for Girls
Georges Malaika School for Girls


Noella Musunka Coursaris, founder of Georges Malaika Foundation

Pet Cause:

Georges Malaika Foundation empowers youth in Congo through education

Students at the GMF school.
Students at the GMF school.

Why is this cause so dear to you:

I was born in Lumbashi, DRC and my father passed when I was 5 years old. My mother could not raise me in her circumstances and I was very fortunate to be raised in Europe by a very loving family.

Next noteworthy fundraiser:

Here is a link to stay connected with all of Georges Malaika Foundation events worldwide. http://www.gmfafrica.org/about-gmf/events/

What can others do to help:

We at GMF have several different methods of contribution whether it is a cash donation, sponsoring one of our girls at our Georges Malaika Foundation School for Girls, or becoming a volunteer from wherever you are in the world. DONATE

Favorite Quote:

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

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Jana Sedlakova

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