Meet Angela Pham

Brooklyn is a long way from Orange County. Angela’s parents are both doctors and don’t approve of her creative career path.

Orange County, CA

Angela Pham is a freelance photographer and aspiring artist in the creative neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Despite her upbringing in a strict Vietnamese household in Orange County, California, Angela prefers to be in the spotlight and is not afraid to speak her mind.

At 18, Angela moved to New York to attend NYU and jump start her career in the arts. Although her freelancing pays most of the bills, Angela supplements her income with sporadic modeling jobs and waitressing at a dive bar.

Seeing her friends Chantal and Claudia get a business off the ground makes Angela anxious to get her career going. Confident in most areas of her life, Angela‘s main challenge is being a harsh critic when it comes to her own work.

Premieres August 13 @ 10/9c on Bravo of course!

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