Queen of Cashmere – A Must Have!

Looking for a signature top that’s bound to get some attention, plus that pesky sibling or friend won’t be too quick on wanting to “borrow” your cashmere

Make it your own with a Monogrammed Cashmere sweaters by Queen of Cashmere. Simply follow the easy steps by choosing fit, color, and imprinting to create a one of a kind knit top for you or to gift for someone special.

The Queen of Cashmere collection includes 16 styles of sweaters for women, three for men and even a few for the little princes and princesses who prefer cashmere over candy. There are also pillows, throws, blankets and a number of scarves to choose from.

All are hand-framed in Scotland and employ the finest Scottish spun cashmere.

Adult sweaters, which are the bulk of the Queen of Cashmere’s offerings, start at $630 and are available in more than 40 colors. Delivery is about six weeks from the time of order.

This monogrammed Queen of Cashmere is a modern-day family crest. Shown here in chocolate and turquoise, 18 inches square pillow, $450.


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