Jorey Ramer, founder of Super
Jorey Ramer, founder of Super

With concierge services becoming more popular with each day; Super is here to deliver home repair to your fingertips, in sleek fashion.

From the Hill to the elaborate cocktail soirees, young Washingtonians slated to become
the hottest commodities on DC’s social circuit have little time for the headaches
associated with home ownership (most rent but then what can you call your own)? Sip
with Socialites is proud to bring you the latest solution to that problem, Super!


Experienced entrepreneur and Jumptap founder, Jorey Ramer, just launched Super, a
subscription-based service that reinvents the homeownership experience. For the first
time ever, homeowners will have access to a dedicated service – like Netflix for
contractors – it’s the poshest thing to hit the district since personal drivers.

Super is a subscription-based service that covers breakdowns in the home and provides
a concierge service, which removes the headache of finding and scheduling the right
service provider and navigating pricing and availability. Utilizing their curated network of
expertly trained, thoroughly vetted providers, Super delivers quick and effective home
repair and maintenance for flattened costs.

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Depending on the age and size of their dwelling, homeowners typically spend between 1
and 4 percent of their home’s value each year on repairs and maintenance. Super is the
economical way to maintain a your biggest investment – freeing up a busy homeowner’s
schedule for family, friends, yachts on the Potomac, or philanthropy. Multi-family
housing has changed the scope of American real estate – many Americans [specifically
Millennials] are seeking to rent instead of buy out of convenience; however, with that
they don’t have an investment to show for all their hard-earned money spent.

“Millennials — or the 34 and under age group — are choosing to rent instead of buy and
more are choosing city life over suburbia, studies show. Mike Rouse, M.D., is renting a
remodeled loft in downtown Kansas City, Mo. Fresh from finishing his internal medicine
residency, 30-year- old Rouse said he initially rented because his schedule was varied
while he was finishing his residency. He didn’t want to worry about what he considered
two down sides of homeownership: yard work and home repairs” (National Association
of Realtors). With Super, homeownership is no longer considered a burden but a logical
investment – home repairs are now economical and feasible – city dwellers can continue
to live the American Dream.

The service has launched exclusively in the DC area with a further U.S. roll out scheduled
later in 2016.

Try it and let us know what you think!

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