Ashley’s Terrific Tech Tuesday with Erik Malson

Ashley's Terrific Tech Tuesday with Erik Malson
Erik Malson

Every Tuesday Ashley Boalch will showcase tech savvy movers & shakers.

While many of us have talents that are limited to our multi-faceted smartphones, in our weekly Tech Tuesday segment we’ll learn about their favorite gadgets and apps. Let’s explore how these advancements simplify their lives.


Erik Malson is the owner of, the largest nightlife and social directory on the web covering 20,000 cities worth of Going Out Guides. He is re-branding in late October as, adding social events of all types, not just clubs. Essentially a Google for Nightlife, Social Events and Things To Do, he also created, and has several spin-offs in the works, including, covering bar and happy hour specials across the USA; in partnership with; and listing nearly every NYE event across the globe. His data on vClubScene also includes homecoming events for more than 100 cities.

iPad Mini and LifeProof Case
iPad Mini and LifeProof Case

Tell us about yourself? What are your passions in life? Where are you from?

I’m a native Washingtonian, began high school in Cambridge, Mass. while my parents were in Law School and Grad School at Harvard and graduated high school in North Carolina as my Mother was hired as a professor at Duke University. I knocked my mothers computer off the desk one day (I hope she’s not reading this) and cut school to fix it…and thats pretty much how I found my calling. By 16, I had automated my professors grading systems, despite the fact that such softwares barely existed at the time and was running the network in Howard University’s School of Business at 20 years old. Along with it’s co-founder, I started the first nightlife marketing group that used email and a website to inform Howard University students about “daHaps” in DC and at it’s peak, our recipient list was over 6,000, about 1/2 the student population…all of this predating BlackPlanet, MySpace and Facebook by about 192 years I’ve helped nearly every venue and promoter in DC, past and present push their clubs / events in some way, shape or form along the way to me launching my business as

What is something people would be surprised to know about you?

Unless I’m on travel, I’m an organic vegetarian for the most part. Its hard to do on nights that I am working in the club scene, but out of the typical 21 meals per week (3/day 7/days = 21)? 17 or 18 are organic and meatless. Yes, plenty of people have seen me post food pics, but if one is really paying attention, its only a few times per week and the other meals that I ate during the day? I’m juicing, eating salads…and I REALLY don’t do fast food like at all unless Im in an airport and can’t find a good option.

What is your current go-to gizmo, gadget or app?

iPad Mini w/o hesitation.

Why do you find it so awesome?

It fits in my pocket and I can run about 90% of my daily process from it, literally allowing me to be “at the desk” from any place on earth that has a wifi connection (I had ONE suit in which the pockets were too small, so I had the pockets altered) There’s a group trip of 190 people that I take every year called “The Soul Siesta,” which is in Mexico in Playa del Carmen over Memorial Day Weekend. I’ve DEF been at the pool getting some work done, while everyone is thinking that I am in DC and while the other 190 people on the trip are thinking that Im simply doing some light reading. Best invention EVER. As a secondary answer, my LifeProof Case for both it and my iPhone…as they are shock and water proof. And in the nightlife business, you’d be surprised how many beers have been spilt on my cell or iPad.


$329 for the baseline model iPad Mini. But when the next model arrives in approximately 30 days, Im getting the high end at 64GB w wifi and 4GLTE for $659. The LifeProof Case is $59.95 for the iPhone 5 and $99.99 for the mini.

Where can we find it? /


No, Can’t, Don’t have time and “But” are the words of the unsuccessful, along with those who are unwilling to take risks. Those who complain about their circumstance and don’t take the risks necessary to change it? Those that let a circumstance produce a “No, Can’t, Don’t have time and ‘But’ level of word? You don’t want the change bad enough. 7.2 billion people on Earth and the number of people born into wealth is without the need to make sacrifices to get ahead are extremely few. Change your scenario if you don’t like it and stop wasting your own time being envious of those that have what you want. Do what necessary to get where you want to be and be creative when you run into those “no” words.

Favorite Quote:

About a week after I decided to pursue my nightlife and social event business full time, I was in a Chinese restaurant. I opened my fortune cookie and I SWEAR, the fortune said

“The nightlife is for you.”

– I kept it and have it on my mantle. For a while, I had it in my wallet and carried it with me at all times…lol…but I lost one of my wallets so I keep it at the desk now.

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