Jana’s You Successful You Sunday with Anastasia Dellaccio

Jana’s You Successful You Sunday with Anastasia Dellaccio
The Dellaccios

Jana Sedlakova explores the meaning of success with these influential individuals.

This weekly feature highlights entrepreneurs, philanthropists and socialites and their meaning of success. These stories are to inspire and motivate you. Our mission is to instill a positive message to perpetuate others to go on and accomplish great things.


The Dellaccios, We co-own Dolci Gelati, an artisan, all natural gelato company based in DC. www.dolcigelati.net

What does success mean to you?

Success means setting high goals for our business and doing everything we can to try to achieve those goals. As a business owner, its important to always think of the next step in how we can continuously try and grow our business.

What do you do to be successful?

We have an incredibly strong work ethic, whether its networking to grow the business or most importantly making sure our gelato is always freshly made with the best ingredients or our croissants are the lightest and flakest in the city, its important that what we showcase is always perfection. We want people to know that they can always rely on our brand to deliver the utmost quality, when people are satisfied with our product and we bring smiles to peoples faces, that is success.

What is your successful story successful story you would like to share with us?

First sure our greatest success was the day we saw our pints in Whole Foods for the first time. After all of the paperwork, product design, marketing strategy, we were finally like, yes, the Dolci Gelati brand is here to stay.

What would you recommend to others to do to be successful?

Don’t be afraid to take risks and always put in 100% percent. Cutting corners wont cut it, to build a quality brand you need to offer the best quality possible.

About Dolci Gelati

Dolci Gelati was started in 2005 by former Italian champion water polo player turned pastry chef Gianluigi Dellaccio. Dolci Gelati offers many great varieties of gelato with a consistent level of quality that can only be achieved with artisan precision. Dolci Gelati can be found in pints at Whole Foods and other markets in an around Washington, DC. We have several gelato carts at the National’s Ballpark, a store in Takoma Park and we are opening our second Dolci Gelati Cafe this spring at the City Market at O Street in Shaw. We do parties, catering and just generally spread happiness, who doesn’t love gelato?!

Your favorite inspirational quote.

“You should set goals beyond your reach so you always have something to live for.” –Ted Turner

To share your success story will our readers or to learn more about ‘You Successful You‘ please email Jana Sedlakova at jana@sipwithsocialites.com.

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