Jana’s You Successful You Sunday with Sim Khan

Jana's You Successful You Sunday with Sim Khan
Sim Khan

Jana Sedlakova explores the meaning of success with these influential individuals.

This weekly feature highlights entrepreneurs, philanthropists and socialites and their meaning of success. These stories are to inspire and motivate you. Our mission is to instill a positive message to perpetuate others to go on and accomplish great things.


Sim Khan, attorney-turned-CEO of Brimble & Clark Custom Clothiers: makers of dangerously-sharp custom suits catered to young sharks and global celebrities in DC, NY and LA (www.brimbleandclark.com).

Pierre Garcon of the Washington Redskin's in Brimble and Clark
Pierre Garcon of the Washington Redskin’s in Brimble and Clark

What does success mean to you?

I am proud that Brimble & Clark has grown so rapidly and continues to draw more media attention every month but personally, I think that our biggest successes happen when our clients say that their B&C suits open doors for them in the boardroom, in the courtroom and in the bedroom.

What do you do to be successful?

Work 14 hours a day. Constantly ride the line between ballsy and stupid. Eat, sleep & dream about suits.

Doug E Doug of the movie Cool Runnings in Brimble and Clark
Doug E Doug of the movie Cool Runnings in Brimble and Clark

Please share a personal success story with us?

18 months ago, I was a full time lawyer and Brimble & Clark was just an idea in my head. Today B&C employs 28 seasoned artisans, our clothes have earned high praise from the producers at NBC TV’s Fashion Star and our suits are being worn by a slew of celebrities and athletes like Booboo Stewart (X-Men: Days of Future Past) Pierre Garcon (Washington Redskins), Doug E. Doug (Cool Runnings), and Diplo (Megastar Recording Artist) to name just a few. I feel blessed, this is an exciting time for B&C and I can’t wait to see what this year holds for us.

What would you recommend to others to do to be successful?

Love what you do. Risk more. Treat every client like a rock-star and, if you sell a product, make sure it’s the best #&%ing product on the market.

Kirk Cousins in Brimble and Clark
Kirk Cousins in Brimble and Clark

Tell us more about what you do professionally.

At Brimble & Clark Custom Clothiers, we make custom suits for you, using a unique new suit-fitting process which guarantees the perfect fit every time. To arrange an in-person custom-suit fitting and fabric presentation at your home or office, please email us at info@brimbleandclark.com or visit us at www.brimbleandclark.com for details. Suits start at $689.

Your favorite inspirational quote.

“The two most important days in your life are the day you were BORN and the day you find out WHY” –Mark Twain

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