Jana’s You Successful You Sunday with Stara Pezeshkian

Jana’s You Successful You Sunday with Stara Pezeshkian
Stara Pezeshkian

Jana Sedlakova explores the meaning of success with these influential individuals.

This weekly feature highlights entrepreneurs, philanthropists and socialites and their meaning of success. These stories are to inspire and motivate you. Our mission is to instill a positive message to perpetuate others to go on and accomplish great things.


Stara Pezeshkian, Mother, professional fashion/interior stylist, signed with THE Artist Agency, owner of STARA GLAM. I create sets (set design), style editorials, commercial print and fashion shows. www.staraglam.com

What does success mean to you?

Success is accomplishing whatever goals one may have. Whether it is finding spiritual health, family or business.


Please share a personal success story with us?

For me there are three steps to success.
1. Determining a goal.
2. Making the decision to fight through the challenges to reach that goal.
3. Once you feel like you have hit your goal, keep working hard to continue to grow and improve. And that is what I do everyday, always try to improve spiritually, as a mother and with my business.

What would you recommend to others to do to be successful?

My advice on how to reach success is think and reflect on your passion and what you truly love to do. Once determined create a outline with the steps you will take to reach that goal. To figure out those steps it may take a little research but take the time to do it.

Your favorite inspirational quote.

I do not really have an inspirational quote, I have inspirational people 😉

To share your success story will our readers or to learn more about ‘You Successful You‘ please email Jana Sedlakova at jana@sipwithsocialites.com.

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