SAX Restaurant & Lounge to Become a ‘Members Preferred’ DC Nightlife Venue

SAX Restaurant & Lounge Photo Credit: Juan Carlos Briceno

Where the decadence of the Moulin Rouge meets the discretion of Washington D.C.

Starting Wednesday, July 11th, SAX Restaurant & Lounge will focus exclusively on providing a unique cocktail lounge and bar experience to its VIP clientele and initiate a new door policy.

SAX Restaurant & Lounge Photo Credit: Juan Carlos Briceno

Since Sax first opened its gold gilded doors back in May 2011, restaurateurs Nancy Koide and Errol Lawrence (OYA, SEI) have pushed the Capital‘s conservative envelope a little bit.

The mini Versailles is decorated in red velvet paneling, reclaimed antique chandeliers, sconces and wrought iron, tufted damask banquettes and tables inlaid with gold resin.

Provocatively costumed waitresses

Provocatively costumed waitresses
Provocatively costumed waitresses

The new door policy allows those on the establishment’s private guest list and their friends to have full access to the lounge, ‘The Privilege List.’

Hopefuls can apply to get on the list however, very few will make the cut. Each applicant’s activity in the D.C. social scene and reputation are criteria for consideration.

It is with great pleasure to invite you and a plus one to the launch of “The Privilege List“, granting only the carefully selected full access to the nightlife entertainment venue that is SAX.
Join us for this exclusive affair on July 11, 2012 and indulge in the lush surroundings and unique experience that awaits you.

SAX offers a series of small plates that don’t require utensils.

On the elevated infinity stage, choreographer Hilary Wright has built a program around a nine-person house dance troupe. Performances begin with ballet to numbers more in the realm of cabaret. As the night goes on the show grows more risque and ends with late-night burlesque.

In the back of the dining room, “SAX Scandals” is a series of scandalous wall murals depicting famous historical and contemporary political figures, interpreted by artist Balage Balogh.

SAX Restaurant & Lounge Photo Credit: Juan Carlos Briceno

While still providing access to everyone, Sax will offer ‘The Privilege List’ members certain preferential amenities, such as bypassing the line at the front door, receiving priority treatment for tables, and invitations to special events.

The Privilege List’ launch party takes place next Wednesday, as SAX partners with Belvedere Vodka for the invitation only event.

SAX Restaurant & Lounge Photo Credit: Juan Carlos Briceno

The current list has approximately 700 people on it. Who determines whether you are accepted or not, PR maven Erika Gutierrez.

Apply for ‘The Privilege List’ today SAX website.

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