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Tahera Zamanzada
Tahera Zamanzada

Set your weekly alarm ladies!

Every Friday, glam up your weekend with our must have style and beauty recommendations. Whether it’s the sexy belt to compliment your outfit or the ultimate rouge for that ‘come hither look,’ we’ve got you covered. Have a fav you want us to try out? Send the info our way and we’ll give it the rundown to make sure it’s socialite worthy. 

HYPNÔSE Instant Full Body Volume Mascara

Who loves it:


What is it:

HYPNÔSE Instant Full Body Volume Mascara in black, brown, and deep black (my fav) by Lancôme.

When did you first try it?

About 6 months ago, while stuffed like sardines, I noticed a woman on the metro with the most amazing lashes. I thought they were falsies but turns out she was a fan of Hypnôse.

Where can you get it:

Department Store Lancôme counters & Sephora


$27 (pricey for mascara? Yes, but totally worth it)


You can control the volume which is really nice since during office hours I like to have maybe a coat or two on. It can also give you huge Hollywood red carpet volume and length with more coats.  The sexiest one is the deep black, since I’m a brunette I always pick the darkest color and pair it with a liquid eyeliner (thin line for the office & thicker and cat eye for evenings out).


Remember to keep the lid on tight since mascaras do dry out…usually I notice mine dry out after about a month. Try not to use it after it dries out since the mascara will become clumpy and no one likes a clumpy lashed gal! Also, as “cool” as it may have been in the 80s, never “pump” your mascara. The air gets in the tube and makes it go bad even quicker!  

Try it and let us know what you think!

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