Tahera’s Fabulous Friday with Jasmine Mohammed

Tahera's Fabulous Friday with Jasmine Mohammed
Jasmine Mohammed

Every last Friday of the month we will feature exclusive makeup tips used by Celebrity Makeup Artist Jasmine Mohammed of J’aime Makeup Artistry


The key to a flawless makeup application is using good quality brushes. You can use almost any brand of make-up; however, if you do not have the correct tools, makeup goes from being fun to being a challenge.

The Tool

MAC #286 Duo Fibre Tapered Blending Brush $32

MAC #286 Duo Fibre Tapered Blending Brush


Laura Mercier Finishing Eye Brush $32

Laura Mercier Finishing Eye Brush

Both brushes are dome shaped duo fiber brushes that are made of natural and synthetic material. Both brushes cost $32 dollars. I own both and they work equally well.

The Technique

Prep skin with moisturizer, eye cream, and primer.
Apply a small amount of concealer to the tip of the brush; just enough to cover the white hairs. Always remember that it’s easier to add more product than it is to take it away. Begin with a circular motion, blending the concealer under your eye, and over any discoloration or redness. If you are looking for more coverage, use a patting motion with the tip of the brush. Apply tinted moisturizer or foundation where needed to even out complexion. Use a sponge or foundation brush, whichever is most comfortable for you. Use a light powder to set, then warm the skin up with bronzer, and to finish add color to cheeks with blush.

Brush Care

Proper care of this brush is essential; the brush should remain fluffy. If the brush hairs stick together, you are no longer blending. MAC Brush Cleaner is my favorite; it’s easy to use and quick drying. Creating flawless skin takes practice; however, be sure to love yourself…flaws and all.

MAC Brush Cleaner 235 ml $15.00

MAC Brush Cleaner

Jasmine Mohammed has been in the makeup artistry industry for 16 years. She has worked with the likes of Ray J, Lisa Reed, John Wall and many others.

J’aime Makeup Artistry
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Try it and let us know what you think! If you would like to share your beauty secrets with our readers email tahera@sipwithsocialites.com

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