Wanderlust Wednesday with XiNomara Velazquez Yehuda VENICE

Wanderlust Wednesday with XiNomara Velazquez Yehuda VENICE
XiNomara Velazquez Yehuda

If traveling is your passion, we can totally relate!

Whether it’s Paris to Singapore or New York to Moscow, we’ve been there and done it! Ashley BoalchErin LyonsRachel Wang PangTahera Zamanzada and their friends will recommend the best a city has to offer.


Venice, Italy

Who loves it:

XiNomara Velazquez Yehuda

Best Hotel:

Hotel Gritti Palace
Poised on the Grand Canal, The Hotel Gritti Palace was commissioned in 1525 as the residence of the Doge of Venice before being used as the official residence of the Vatican‘s ambassadors to Venice. Luckily for visitors to the city today, the palace has been converted into a 91-room hotel with individually designed rooms and nine remarkable suites (of which the Hemingway is the most opulent). Located among the designer shops and only a short stroll from St Mark’s Square, the palace is the perfect place to experience classic, old-world Venice. Despite being so famous, it remains relaxed, offering personal touches, no pretension, friendly staff and the feeling that you are the only guests. Take time to sit down to lunch on the terrace of The Club del Doge restaurant and choose any of the pasta dishes while watching the world go by – by boat, that is. Hotel Gritti Palace Campo Santa Maria del Giglio, 2467, 30124 Venice, Italy +39 041 296 1222 http://gritti.hotelinvenice.com/

Best Spa or Salon:

Palladio SPA is an amazing building designed in the 16th century by the world-renowned Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio. The property is a rare jewel in Venice, a private garden and breathtaking lagoon views. It is located on the Giudecca Island just across the basin from the word-famous sister properties Bauer Hotel and Bauer Il Palazzo. The Spa has a warm and welcoming decor with a soft color palette of pastels. Beautifully detailed with the finest paint decoration and tapestries, while still maintaining its original identity. Bauer Palladio Hotel Giudecca, 33, 30133 Venice, Italy +39 041 270 3806 http://www.palladiohotelspa.com/

Osteria Boccadoro Venice

Best Restaurant:

Osteria Boccadoro
When in Venice Fish and seafood is the choice.A typical Venetian restaurant, located away from the tourist trail in a quiet Venetian square, the Osteria offers traditional Venetian dishes using only fresh fish, homemade pasta, vegetables and local ingredients, giving diners the chance to savor the authentic and natural flavors.It is also equipped with an excellent wine cellar and the resident sommelier will happily advise you. The atmosphere of the restaurant is simple and elegant, and there is a small private dining room for business lunches or more intimate gatherings. The restaurant has played host to many famous people, including former Italian Prime Minister, Romano Prodi and the Secretary of the Treasury, Tommaso Padoa Schioppa. Ostaria Boccadoro Campo Widman, 5405A, Calle Widmann, Venice, Italy
+39 041 521 1021

Wanderlust Wednesday with XiNomara Velazquez Yehuda VENICE

Best Shopping:

Alluring shops abound in Venice. You’ll find countless vendors of trademark Venetian wares such as glass and lace. The authenticity of some goods can be suspect, but they’re often pleasing to the eye regardless of their place of origin. For more sophisticated tastes (and deeper pockets), there are jewelers, antiques dealers, and high-fashion boutiques on a par with those in Italy‘s larger cities but often maintaining a uniquely Venetian flair. There are also some interesting craft and art studios, where you can find high-quality one-of-a-kind articles, from handmade shoes to decorative lamps and mirrors.

Best Nightclub or Lounge

Enoteca Al Volto
Located only a few minutes away from the beautiful Rialto Bridge, this is the oldest wine bar in Venice – well, it doesn’t always have to be a cocktail, does it? The atmosphere is relaxed and enjoyable, with wine labels playfully plastered across the bar’s ancient original wooden walls and ceiling. The clientele is a mix of connoisseurs and enthusiastic amateurs, both local and visitors, attracted by the 1000 Italian and foreign wines that are served on rotation. But if this amount of choice sounds bewildering, fear not – advice from the friendly and knowledgeable staff on an ever-changing daily selection means you can sample different wines each time you visit. And it isn’t just about the alcohol here. The adjoining restaurant offers a menu based on traditional lagoon cuisine with a modern twist, with seasonal ingredients sourced from the nearby Rialto market. The fare is simple and great, from homemade pasta and gluttonous gnocchi to clams in garlic oil with spaghetti and a rich variety of fish from the Adriatic Sea. To stave off your hunger while waiting for your food to arrive, try the ten types of cicheti (Venetian bar snacks) on offer – they’re all delicious. With its famously wide choice of wine, delicious food and convivial atmosphere, Al Volto wears its age lightly, bubbling over with hospitality. Enoteca Al Volto Calle Cavalli Castello, 30124 Venice, Italy +39 041 522 8945 http://alvoltoenoteca.com/

XiNomara enjoying an afternoon on Lido island.
XiNomara enjoying an afternoon on Lido island.

Favorite Neighborhood:

Lido Island

Could you live there:

ABSOLUTELY! To live in Venice or even to visit it, means that you fall in love with the city itself. There is nothing left over in your heart for anyone else… (117 islands.150 canals.)

Let us know what you think!

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