Why I March

Ianta Summers Explains Why She’ll Be Marching This Saturday.

Every since I was in middle school I have been passionate about governing. I have always been politically involved in some way. The election of Barack Obama was a such a pivotal point for the world and how the world placed value on decorum, hope, and peace. Now eight years later, this country has elected a person that is the stark opposite of his legacy. This is why I march.
Women's March On Washington
I march because decorum, decency, and honesty are major pillars of humanity and the newly elected president does not represent any of those ideals by any stretch of the imagination. I march to stand against the appalling and dangerous behavior he has displayed his entire life. I march to stand in solidarity with the millions of minorities he has put in direct danger. I march to protect the rights that many many people have shed blood and died for. But most importantly, I march to let the president elect know that he will not succeed if he continues down the path he doing.  The majority of the country did not vote for “The Donald” and we will absolutely NOT be silenced by his dangerous rhetoric. My safety along with millions of others are at risk. I am marching to let the president elect know I am NOT afraid to stand for what is right and ACT on my convictions. I am not alone.
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