Miss Colombia Reprimanded For Not Wearing Panties

Miss Colombia Catalina Robayo flashed the crowd during an official Miss Universe appearance while wearing a short orange dress.

89 beauties from around the globe have descended on Sao Paulo, Brazil for the Donald Trump-owned Miss Universe pageant.

The pageant has been plagued by wardrobe malfunctions that cross the line between “totally sleazy” and “just raunchy enough to boost ratings.”

The 22-year-old is competing in the Miss Universe pageant, wore a tiny skirt, but forgot to bring along her panties.

A local newspaper took photos of the event – and the crotch shot photo was reportedly on the front paper of the newspaper. Catalina Roboyo had on a short bright coral dress and was sitting down – and didn’t have her legs crossed like she should have. (Photo, right, has been cropped). Let’s just say Miss Universe officials were not pleased.

Colombia had to be spoken to and told she needed to wear underpants as what she was doing was totally inappropriate,” a source told Fox News. “People have been pretty upset by it; there have been photos and media appearances where she has completely had her crotch out.”

President of the Miss Universe Organization, Paula Shugart, was reportedly “floored” when she heard what happened, Donald Trump has not commented, but he probably likes the publicity!

“Our supervisors talked to all of the contestants about dressing appropriately, and one of our PR people spoke to her (Robayo) and apparently she said she was wearing underwear. But regardless, it created quite a stir here for a few days” Shugart said.

But that’s not the only the controversy that has struck the competition. Pageant officials had to return all of the official swimsuit bikini bottoms, provided by sponsor Catalina Brasil Swimwear, as they were deemed far too revealing to air on network television come the live crowning telecast.

“It looks like we have rectified by the issue, and the costumes were beautiful, but they sent us the first round of competition suits and being by a Brazilian designer they were definitely a lot smaller than we’re used to or most of the contestants are used to,” Shugart explained. “We delayed our shoot so we could add material to the bottom; otherwise we were going to have serious problems on television. (The designers) were a little surprised, they knew we were a little more conservative but… they took them back and they turned out really well.”

Last year the competition drew criticism when the contestants wore lingerie and posed on a bed for their official photo shoot, but officials say the women aren’t forced to take revealing shots if they aren’t comfortable — not that they’re all that concerned with the contestants opinions and thoughts. “Over the last few years we’ve been allowed to really turn this into fashion, so it’s not so prissy and not so clothed, it has become fun and much better,” says photographer Fadil Berisha. “Here we are with Miss Universe, the most beautiful woman in the world, so we need a girl who looks like a fashion model. If she’s smart, that’s great, but at the end of the day people want to see a really pretty face.”

The Miss Universe crowning will broadcast live on NBC September 12 at 9:00 p.m. ET from Credicard Hall in São Paulo, Brazil.


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