STARS WHO STRIP FOR A CAUSE NYC Socialite Cornelia Guest for PETA

Cornelia channels Lady Godiva, wearing nothing in but long, blond curls. Joins the ranks of famous ladies over 40 who like to show off their fit bodies to fight animal cruelty.

Cornelia Guest, the 47-year-old daughter of the late Manhattan style icon, actress and socialite C.Z. Guest, is the latest star to doff her duds to support the People for the Ethical Treatmenf of Animals, reports WWD.

PETA said it was thrilled to have a high-society face for its anti-fur campaign.

But Cornelia didn’t always shun fur. A PETA spokesperson told WWD that the organization embraces Guest for changing her attitudes about wearing animal products.

“Cornelia epitomizes elegance, privilege and sophistication. She represents a part of society that used to embrace fur,” said Dan Mathews, senior vice president of campaigns for PETA, told Women’s Wear Daily. “She is a great example of someone who has lived and learned.”

Her new ad encourages others to join her in “bringing any old furs” so PETA can donate them to the homeless for Thanksgiving.

The ads are expected to run in several “high society” magazines, Mathews said.

Stripping for animal rights has proved to be a quick way to land attention for those who want a PR boost.

Guest‘s mother, born Lucy Douglas Cochrane, changed her name to C.Z. Guest when she married Winston Frederick Churchill Guest in 1947. Before her passing in 2003 of cancer, she wrote a gardening column for the Post and designed a line of sportswear, also once being named to the International Best Dressed List Hall of Fame.


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