Urban Edge meets Classic Chic: The Valentine’s Day Moet & Chandon

Moet & Chandon, the champagne of success and glamour since 1743, is transforming champagne lovers into artists.

LVMH-owned Champagne brand Moët & Chandon has ventured into social video to promote its new customizable St. Valentine’s Day rosé bottles.

The video is called “Tag your love” and can be found on the brand’s Facebook page. Video has become a favorite advertising channel amongst luxury brands this year, likely due to its ability to engage consumers for longer amounts of time than a banner or print advertisement.

The Valentine’s Day Moet & Chandon champagne bottle is a pretty pink and comes with a Moet Graffiti Box. The Moet Graffiti Box contains a gold marker that consumers can use to write customized messages directly on the bottle.

The social video explains the different ways you can customize their special Tag Your Love Valentine’s Day champagne bottle.

In the video, the stick figure uses spray paint to outline the bottle and the words “Tag Your Love” appear. Then the stick figure acts out scenes according to the example messages spray painted on the champagne bottle. Some of the messages are “Marry me,” “I love you,” “Let’s fly to New York,” “Congratulations,” and “It’s a boy.”

About Moët & Chandon
As the world’s leading champagne House, Moët & Chandon takes an innovative approach to sharing magic and celebration with the world. Since its creation in 1743 by Claude Moët, the House has taken daring steps and created new celebratory traditions, including sabering, the champagne cascade and vessel christenings. The founder’s grandson, Jean-Rémy Moët, expanded into international markets in the late 1700s and Moët is often cited as the world’s leading champagne brand known for being international and luxury.

About Moët & Chandon Rosé Impérial
Known for its radiant pink color, underlain by predominantly red tones with purple highlights, the assemblage of Rosé Impérial is structured on the intensity of Pinot Noir (40 to 50%, 10% of which are red wines), the fruitiness of Pinot Meunier (30 to 40%, 10% of which are red wines) and the finesse of Chardonnay (10 to 20%). The use of 20 to 30% of carefully selected reserve wines completes the assemblage and enhances its intensity, subtlety and consistency.

To snag this gift set for your sweetie, head to your nearest fine wine and spirits store.

Pop-up: Rosé Sleeve Bottle

Selfridges: Love Bag

Magnum Pack

Graffiti Box

Waitrose: Love Bag

Sainsburys: Graffiti Box

Tesco: Graffiti Box


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