NeNe Leakes’ Celebrity Apprentice Salary Was “Small” Says Donald Trump Jr.

NeNe Leakes’ states that she is “rich…, very rich” due to the Trump checks she received from doing Celebrity Apprentice,

After getting into a money-related argument with co-star Sheree in the first episode of this season’s Real Housewives of Atlanta, NeNe stood up to leave, claiming she didn’t need to sit there and squabble over finances.

“While you were running your mouth, I was running to the bank … depositing a Trump check!” NeNe retorted to Sheree on the RHOA season opener adding, “I’m rich, bitch!” And to further prove her wealth to millions of viewers, the NeNe was seen looking at a $9 million dollar home in Miami.

Donald Trump Jr. is now speaking out against NeNe’s claims, telling the Wetpaint that if the NeNe is indeed rich or very rich rather, it is not due to any checks from his dad Donald Trump.

When asked about NeNe’s claims of wealth from the Donald, Trump Jr. told Wetpaint, “Honestly, I have no idea.” He continued, “All the celebrities on the show play for charity. She received a small appearance fee, sure, but that was it.”

Trump Jr. added: “And as far as I know, she’s not involved with any of our other business or corporations. So I’m not sure what she’s talking about.”

So just how much did NeNe earn on Celebrity Apprentice? Well that exact amount is unknown but Piers Morgan, who won the 1st season of the show back in 2008, revealed he and his castmates only received about $25,000 each to do the show. So perhaps that amount has since gone up to $9 million in a span of 3 years! Thus making the NeNe very rich!

NeNe has since backtracked on her “very rich” comments claiming she simply meant she was spiritually wealthy.

Meanwhile, the ratings for the 4th season of the RHOA continues to soar! With over 3.3 million viewers tuning in for Sunday’s episode, the series continues to remain the highest rated Bravo housewives franchise. In fact the recent episode of RHOA was seen by 1.1 million more viewers than the still very impressive 2.2 million viewers who watched the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Monday night. It appears the RHOA ladies and their drama are here to stay!

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