Sen. Bill Nelson asks Hillary Clinton for help in Tampa Socialite’s Murder

Wendy Albano, 52, was found dead on the bathroom floor of a Bangkok hotel room last month.

U.S. Senator Bill Nelson asked Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to get the governments of India and Thailand working together to solve the case of a 52-year-old Tampa woman slain in a Bangkok hotel last month.

In a letter to Clinton, the Florida Democrat said authorities suspect a man from India in the death of Wendy Albano-Stein. But the governments of Thailand and India, where the suspect is believed to be hiding, still need to act on the information.

Albano, an interior designer, was on a business trip in Thailand, looking for materials. Police believe the 52-year-old was murdered by her Indian boyfriend, 26, who she was seen checking into the Fraser Suites Sukhumvit Hotel with on February 9.

Officers said she had been stabbed in the chest and strangled in her luxury hotel room Feb. 12. A 25-30 year old Indian man, who was her business partner, is the prime suspect. A hotel maid discovered her body.

Surveillance cameras caught him leaving the hotel with his luggage shortly after the murder. Immigration records show the suspect leaving the country just three hours later.

In a statement released after Albano’s death, family members said they knew the suspect.

“Wendy met him and his family in India while attempting to start a design-related and fashion-accessory import business,” the statement said.

Twice married and divorced, Albano leaves behind two daughters Jenny and Lauren. Her interior design business Wendy Albano Interiors was used by many high-profile celebrities.

Wendy Albano is known to have decorated Derek Jeter‘s $20 million Manhattan home at Trump World Tower.

While the Thai and Indian governments have made informal contact, Senator Nelson wants to see further cooperation.

“As you can imagine, this delay is causing Wendy’s family even greater distress,” Nelson wrote. “They have asked me to request your assistance in this matter so that the suspect can be brought to justice quickly.”

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