Mica Hughes’ Boyfriend Terry Lyon Reacts to a Letter Written by Brie Bythewood’s Uncle

Brie Bythewood's Uncle David Bythewood's Letter
Brie Bythewood’s Uncle David Bythewood’s Letter

Bravo TV’s Blood Sweat & Heels fans are very familiar with the fight between former friends Mica and Brie in Sag Harbour.

We will start by saying Mica Hughes is our favorite Blood Sweat & Heels cast member. She is quick witted and makes the show worth watching. We also like Brie as one of us knows her personally. I believe if the two friends didn’t have the outside influences, the situation would not have been as explosive but this is the world of ‘Reality TV.’

Mica and her handsome bf Terry Lyon
Mica and her handsome bf Terry Lyon

To David Bythewood,

I was never going to make any comments regarding the show for 2 reasons. The first…the show was not about me, it was about 6 woman in NYC. The second, I was blessed with the same thick skin my mom had who was born in the south at the height of Jim Crow and nothing said good or bad had an affect on me. But when a relative of a cast member of Blood Sweat & Heels writes something so foul and so heartless I would not be the man that I am if I did not address your post. So David Bythewood you will get a response from me shortly, but in the meantime I want you and a few others to see and read a post I put on my Facebook and Twitter a few weeks back. It was a message to our friends regarding ” My perspective” of a Father / Daughter’s relationship as I saw firsthand being with Mica. So David Bythewood pull up a chair, I will be back soon.

I would love everyone to repost and retweet this message

Written by Terry Lyons

David Bythewood is an attorney, Brie Bythewood‘s uncle and lives in Long Island.

Are you #TeamMica or #TeamBrie? Let us know!

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