Tahera’s Friday Beauty Pick June 14 Lisa Moreno-Dickinson

Lisa Moreno-Dickinson

Set your weekly alarm ladies!

Every Friday, glam up your weekend with our must have style and beauty recommendations. Whether it’s the sexy belt to compliment your outfit or the ultimate rouge for that ‘come hither look,’ we’ve got you covered. Have a fav you want us to try out? Send the info our way and we’ll give it the rundown to make sure it’s socialite worthy.

Perfume~La Fin du CAID

Who loves it:

Lisa Moreno-Dickinson

What is it:

Perfume~La Fin du CAID is the first perfume developed for a non-profit foundation. It was created to give the community a wonderful fragrance and at the same time they are giving back to the Foundation 100% helping our children.

Where can you get it:

StopCAIDnow, Inc.


The perfume is $65.00 and can be personalized with Bling.


However, the product I love and use is Lorac Tantalizer award show Glow, as much as I can I avoid the sun. This product gives me the GLOW I love without the damage. It also stays on in the water, so I apply sunscreen over it when in the pool!

Try it and let us know what you think!

Tahera Zamanzada

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