Jana Sedlakova


Jana Sedlakova

Based in Washington, D.C., Jana Sedlakova was born and raised in the Czech Republic, where she studied Pedagogical school to be preschool teacher and also Social-Law school (equivalent to social working in USA).

From an early age, Jana took a natural interest in psychology. She earned her education and professional skills in Life Coaching through Coach Training Alliance, studying under Dr. David Krueger who formerly practiced and taught Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis and was Clinical Professor of Psychiatry. He gave her a unique perspective and knowledge on the human brain and its actions. Jana also completed with him his program New Life Story® where she studied how to integrate psychology, neuroscience, quantum physics and behavioral economics with strategic coaching.

Personally, she accredits her inspiration from both her worldly travels, as well as her father – an extraordinary thinker and inventor, who believed in choosing an individualistic life path that was considered radical, during a time of conformity in the Czech Republic. It is through these experiences that Jana chose her career path – to become a Life Coach and Wellness Mentor.

Jana believes that we were given only one body for life and in order to sustain it, we have to take care of it. Thus, her educational approach to creating healthy minds and bodies is key. She helps her clients unlock their true potential in life, change their beliefs, behavior and performance, and setting them up for a successful future. Some of Jana’s areas of expertise are: going through losses, overcoming stress and fears, adopting healthy lifestyles, managing difficult and challenging relationships, and starting up successful businesses. She is also currently designing a children’s educational program, to help set them on a better path towards a successful future.

Jana also contributes her time and resources in and around the Washington, D.C. community. She has produced and raise funds for many high-caliber events that make a difference in people’s lives. Some of her causes include Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Children’s National Medical Center, Fashion for Paws, We Will Survive Cancer, Men Against Breast Cancer, Arts for Autism, Pets to Vets and others.

Some of Jana’s quotes:​

“If we cannot change the reality around us, we can certainly change the way we looking at it!”

“No one else should have control over your mind except you!”

“Life is naturally in constant change. Resistance is the problem. We can overcome resistance with a good plan and a good coach to keep us going!”

“Plans are like railings, they keep us from falling. A coach is like a carpenter, helps us create the railings!”

“You are either creator of your own life, or the victim of someone’s else beliefs.”

​”Achieving has never been easier with the right state of mind!”

​”We often live in incorrect beliefs and assumptions adopted from others. You can set yourself free and discover the amazing unique you!”