Jana’s Magnanimous Monday with Carl B. Bedell

Carl B. Bedell
Carl B. Bedell

Start your week with words of wisdom from these philanthropic individuals.

As we’re all here on earth together and we all have to do our part. Jana Sedlakova will explore how these shining stars make a difference.


Carl B. Bedell, Veteran’s Attorney in private practice and Management Consultant.

Pet Cause:

I split most of my volunteer time between veterans issues and the arts. Under the umbrella of the Sons of the American Revolution, I oversee Operation Ancestor Search, a national program that brings genealogy volunteers into military and veterans hospitals across the country to work with wounded warriors and other injured or ill veterans and their families. The Sons of the American Revolution is a lineage society that promotes patriotism and over the past year I have served on the DC Society’s Board of Management since 2008 and over the past year have worked to expand membership amongst DC‘s young professionals. We’ve developed a dedicated group of young members and we are hosting the first annual Sweethearts and Patriots Gala to raise money for selected organizations that support veterans (this year the selected charity is Luke’s Wings) in February, 2014.


I also chair the Steering Committee for the Corcoran Gallery of Art’s 1869 Society – a group of the young patrons and rising business, civic, and social leaders that supports the Corcoran by hosting art-infused events throughout the year (namely Fall Fete and ARTINI). The Corcoran is one of the oldest private art museums in America and has an extensive collection of 18th, 19th, and 20th century American art and also supports contemporary artists through the permanent and temporary exhibits. 1869 hosts various social events throughout the year and organizes two annual fundraisers for the Museum. Fall Fete 2013 (held last September) raised money for ArtReach, the Corcoran’s community art program that extends the resources of the Corcoran Gallery of Art and the College of Art + Design to diverse neighborhoods in Washington, DC. ARTINI 2014 (scheduled for March 22, 2014) will support NOW at the Corcoran, the museum’s contemporary art program dedicated to exhibitions and performances by emerging and mid-career artists.

Why is this cause so dear to you:

There is a proud history of military service in my family. I grew up in a military home, my mother served 34 years in the Army and my father is a Navy veteran, and following college, I served in the Army for five years. This background has instilled a deep passion for veteran issues. From my legal practice representing veterans in their efforts to obtain disability and other benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs, to my volunteer work supporting wounded and ill service members and veterans in hospitals across the country, I am deeply involved in veterans issues and organizations. I believe one of the greatest social responsibilities we have is to ensure that our nation’s military and veterans receive the recognition, support and assistance they deserve.

My interest in the arts is a result of the numerous years I spent in my childhood and early professional life in Europe. Being exposed to the great museums, churches and other cultural treasures of Europe instilled a passion for art and history within me. Art is one of the best records of culture and serves to define who we are as a society, as well as understanding those of the past. In a city fortunate to have so many incredible public museums, the Corcoran stands out with its incredible collection of American art and its dedication to promoting contemporary art.

Next noteworthy fundraiser:

Sweethearts and Patriots 2014 is scheduled for February 8th. Information is available at http://www.sweetheartsandpatriots.org/ and tickets are available at https://sweetheartsandpatriots2014.eventbrite.com/.
ARTINI 2014 is scheduled for March 22. Tickets will be on sale soon and our build-up Feature Nights kick off on February 11th. More information is available at http://www.corcoran.org/artini.

Favorite Quote:

“Character may be manifested in the great moments, but it is made in the small ones.” -Phillips Brooks

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