Jana’s You Successful You Sunday with Souny West

Jana's You Successful You Sunday with Souny West
Souny West

Jana Sedlakova explores the meaning of success with these influential individuals.

This weekly feature highlights entrepreneurs, philanthropists and socialites and their meaning of success. These stories are to inspire and motivate you. Our mission is to instill a positive message to perpetuate others to go on and accomplish great things.


Souny West, Owner of the W Salon and Startup Founder of Chic Capital, LLC.

What does success mean to you?

Success to me; means being the best at what you do.

Please share a personal success story with us?

One of the successes I’m most proud of is, how our brand reaches and touches people. We not only support local causes we believe in, but heavily support the active and growing entrepreneurial community. We take time to meet with new businesses to share growth strategies and connect with other small business owners to collaborate and share ideas.

What would you recommend to others to do to be successful?

To never lose sight of where you started, to be thankful and appreciative of all your blessings. To reach back and lift up others along the way. Success to me is when I know I’ve helped others.

Tell us more about what you do professionally.

As a small business owner, I know the challenges and obstacles, we are faced with when starting a new venture. It’s comforting to know that another business will be there to help. I am always willing to take a call or feel free to drop me an email at: souny@wsalonva.com (You may also visit us online at www.wsalonva.com or stop by for a cup of coffee at the W Salon located in the beautiful town of Burke, VA because we have a Starbucks next door.)

Your favorite inspirational quote.

“Dream & Think Big. Collaborate and Share Ideas. Inspire and Motivate.” –Souny West

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