Meet Dr. Ivory Hancock Our Latest Beauty Contributor

Meet Dr. Ivory Hancock Our Latest Beauty Contributor

SWS welcomes Dr. Ivory Hancock of DC’s Presidential Dental Group aboard and her expertise! She’ll guide us through this New Year with a new us.

2013 is practically here! Happy New Year SWS readers! We all want to start off the New Year looking our best, I know I do! But whether you’ve made the choice to get to the gym more often, give bangs a try or simply get more sleep – there is one thing, uniquely you, you cannot overlook to let your best you shine through – your smile! Your best smile doesn’t have to come with a whole lot of hardware and headache – here are my 5 simple tips for staying radiant in 2013.

Stop the caffeine addiction.

I know, I know – I’m guilty too! But Coffee, energy drinks and sodas are a source of weight gain with their empty calories. Most soda and energy drinks have cavity causing acids that play a role in tooth decay and the need for dental restorations – and coffee can stain. Try to cut back! Commit to 7-8 hrs of sleep per night – not only is that better for your overall health – you wont need the caffeine!

Quit smoking!

Smoking is major culprit when it comes to a multitude of trouble with your mouth, general health and overall ickyness! No more explanation necessary!


Smiling helps you stay positive! It also relieves stress, which helps to boost your immune system and it changes your mood by releasing endorphins, natural painkillers, and serotonin, which together make you feel good.

Eat Your Fruits and Veggies.

We all know how good they are for us – and it starts with your teeth! Raw snacks instead of sugary sweets help you feel full longer – and less sugar is ALWAYS good for your smile!

Prevention is Key.

Practice prevention by visiting your physician and dentist, then follow through with their recommendations. Your practice can also suggest treatments to further your smile star power such as whitening and more!

Follow these steps and you will shine just as bright as the ball in Times Square! Here is to a happy, healthy and always fabulous New Year! Cheers!

Dr. Ivory Hancock

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